JFK, The Day the Illuminati Revealed Itself, KISS.

A round doesn’t make smoke, the firearm does, the exit wound is opposite the entry wound, simple. Watch the smoke rise from the shot just after the round travels up, then jewess Jackie scrambles onto the boot to get the spent cartridge. She fired the coup de gras, simple.

It’s been years since I researched JFK, check out the symbolism and ‘coincidences’ if your new to it, a good place to start is the 33, the Zapruder film is a joke by todays standards and clearly poorly put together, the people in the background are bigger than those in the foreground, simple stuff to see today, back then the masses sucked it in like we did for Diana, 911, 7/7 etc

The fact that frame 313, 314 and 315 show the truth, it should be no surprise Pi is in the middle.

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