Illuminatus Observor 2011 pdf Uploads


Been a while getting round to uploading these, as usual I’ve shrunk some of the images to save on your printer ink, 2012 and 13 coming soon.

April 25th, Quest for the Lost Word

May 7th, Qaballa & LInguistics   & Beltaine Precursor to Labour Day

june 18th, Esoteric Significance of ROman Numerals

august 22nd, Media madness, the Gambit to control Mass Perception

october 15th Qaballistic Deconstruction of Words & Sounds

october 20th, Acraomatic Cypher Expanded

dec 18th, Qaballistic Interpretation of the Naming of Colours

Pop over to Dennis’ site to catch up on the podcasts and radio shows for 2011, these are just the pdf’s.

The pdf’s for 2007,8,9 &10 are here;


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