Norfolk Police, Taking Without Consent

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For the record;

On the 7th of February, snake eyes, a Norfolk Police constable and a SGT removed my private property without my consent, In said property was my gloves and scarf and some lawful documents, some audio and video of the event is in a safe place.

Norfolk police may now have my DNA.

I have accused several officers of serious neglect of duty, misconduct in a public office and misprision of treason, they appear to not like me though it is the opposite reaction to the one required, we need ‘constables’ to uphold their oath and be on our side, not be the enemy.

Yahoo have informed me that my email security was compromised on the account set up to deal with this, they have tried to hack me.

Over 20 years ago the same force placed false evidence and false statements to convict me of a crime…

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