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Chris Spivey has noticed that we are being given two different times for the attack on soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in London.The Old Bailey Comedy Festival: Day 1 – Chris Spivey

The above photo shows ‘Lee Rigby about to be hit by a car’ – at 13.26 hours (1.26 pm)
But, according to the official story:At 1.35pm Lee Rigby was at the Tower Gateway rail Station.

Lee Rigby at 2.09 pm
According to the official version, it was at 2.21pm that ‘Michael Adebolajo drove his car straight at Lee Rigby as he crossed the road’.At 2.23pm The Vauxhall Tigra crashes to a halt and Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are then seen getting out.

Lee Rigby murder timeline, by prosecution

Assistant commissioner Byrne, said: “We first received a 999 call from the public at 14:20hrs (2.20pm) stating a man was being attacked.”

At 2.21pm the traffic appears to have been stopped by what appears to be a police car.
The road in question is normally VERY busy, and yet in the video showing the car heading towards the man there appears to be little traffic.


Chris Spivey notes: “Either the surrounding streets were closed off when the shops CCTV took the footage or it was very early in the morning.”

The Old Bailey Comedy Festival: Day 1 – Chris Spivey

Where’s the blood? Where’s the damage to the traffic sign?In November 2013, the trial began of the alleged attackers of soldier Lee Rigby.

One of the attackers reportedly said that the attack was carried out in retaliation for British troops fighting in Afghanistan.

The jury have been shown film footage apparently showing the two alleged attackers dragging ‘a body’ into the road.

The above video explains that the two attackers allegedly were driving along a road when they spotted a man (see above) who they thought might be a soldier, and so they drove into him.Chris Spivey refers to the attacker Adebolajo telling the police that the victim Lee Rigby had been in his military uniform, and was coming in and out of the barracks.

In fact, the victim Lee Rigby was not wearing uniform and had come from the Tower area of London, not the Woolwich barracks.”Adebolajo must have been under the illusion that they were still working to plan A…

“Which reminds me? Have I asked the question as to how the two Muslim Micks knew that Rigby would cross the road to go to the shop?”

Chris Spivey notes that “it is strange that all the witnesses whom (the prosecutor) Whittam QC quoted evidence from in court … are not those who spoke to the newspapers on the 22nd of May”

The Old Bailey Comedy Festival: Day 1 – Chris Spivey
The jury has heard a written statement from a taxi driver who reportedly was following the car which allegedly hit Lee Rigby.According to ‘the taxi driver’: “I saw a man being flipped into the air as he was hit.

“‘Four or five seconds later the passenger got out of the passenger seat…”

No sign of any blood after the attack had finished.

Jurors were read a statement from Amanda Bailey, who allegedly stopped her car alongside the scene of the crash in Artillery Place.

Reportedly, Amanda Bailey was driving down the hill when the attacker’s car cut across in front of her and accelerated into Lee Rigby.

Reportedly, she stopped her car across the road. Lee Rigby ‘was lying face up, with his legs pointing away from the bonnet’.

According to Amanda Bailey’s written statement: “It seemed a long time passed before the driver got out of the car.”

Cheralee Armstrong, who was on her way to work at the time, said in a statement that she saw the men drag the body along the pavement and throw it into the road ‘like a piece of rubbish’.


James Henegan
James Henegan, 39, who had been with Cheralee Armstrong, told the jury he thought he was going to be shot when one of the men pointed a gun at him.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

Vikki Cave said in a statement read to the court: “I noticed people standing around. I saw a body in the street, a lady crying…”

She said that the taller of the two attackers said: “Women and children are safe. You need to keep back when the police and army arrive.’

Tina Nimmo
Michelle Nimmo, who was driving near the barracks with her baby and mother, told the court: “I saw what looked like a car crash on the other side of the road.”There was a man lying face down in front of this car, covered in blood. There were two men leaning over him.

“These men began repeatedly attacking the man on the ground, chopping away at him all over.

“I parked my car opposite the scene of the attack. My mum got out and walked towards the attacker.

“I shouted at my mum to get back as I was worried about her safety, but she wanted to help the man on the floor.

Where is the blood? 

“The men then dragged the man into the road by his top half.

“People wanted to help the man on the floor but any attempts to get close were met from threatening gestures with the knives and the gun.”

The two men then walked away.

Ms Nimmo added: “They looked very proud of what they had done.

“My mother approached the victim but the man with the gun waved it in a threatening manner so she moved back.”

One of them then posed for a photo taken by a member of the public, she said.

“When he turned round he had a smirk on his face.”

Miss Nimmo added: “They stood around looking proud and posing with the gun and knives. All the crowds of people gathering were screaming and shouting.”

At one point an elderly lady with a trolley walked past the bloodstained attacker.

No sign of any blood after the attack.
Witness Samuel Williams was coming back from his last job on the way back to the depot.He said in a statement he first thought one of the attackers was trying to resuscitate Lee Rigby.

“When I saw the black man pull the gun I said to my wife ‘get back, he’s got a gun.’ At that point I basically s**t myself.”

Jurors were shown council CCTV footage of the arrival of armed police.One man runs at the car with the machete raised above his head and is shot.

The second man is shot as he runs with his arm raised holding a gun.

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woolwich-trial-live-lee-rigby-2878015#ixzz2mQgv41PPThe jury was told by prosecutor Richard Whittam QC that lorry driver Samuel Williams used his white Volvo to block the sight of Lee Rigby’s body from members of the public.

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woolwich-trial-live-lee-rigby-2863956#ixzz2m9prRl00Witness Graham Wilders described a confrontation between a passer-by and a policeman who had arrived at the scene.

He said the policeman and the passer-by fought in the street because the policeman said he must wait for the armed response team to arrive and disarm the suspects.

‘He was mouthing off to the police officer, asking why the police were not doing anything,’ Mr Wilders said.

‘The police officer was fighting him.

‘I said “F****** go up there and take the gun off him”.

‘He then turned and went into his block of flats’


The jury has been told by the prosecution that several witnesses saw the attack take place

Where are the crowds?

The witnesses are said to include:

1. Shopkeeper Ibrahim Elidemir and Saraj Miah, who reportedly told the two attackers: ‘Don’t kill him’.

Shopkeeper Ibrahim Elidemir “saw the driver attacking the throat of Lee Rigby with the chopper and the passenger stabbing him to the body,” Mr Whittam said.

Chris Spivey comments: “Very … strange, especially since I have in the past provided evidence that the shopkeeper had said he saw nothing.”

The Old Bailey Comedy Festival: Day 1 – Chris Spivey2. Greenwich Borough Council electrician Thomas Seymour, who reportedly saw a man attack the neck of Lee Rigby.

3. Gary Perkins, who reportedly says the attacker was ‘like a butcher attacking a joint of meat’.

His colleague Gill Hucks reportedly described it as a “horrific frenzied attack”


One of the attackers, Michael AdebolajoThe jury was told what the attackers, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, did before the attack on 22 May.


The Vauxhall Tigra allegedly used to knock down Lee Rigby was seen in a part of London called Lewisham at 1.52pm on May 21.

And at 2.01pm Adebolajo went to the Lewisham branch of Argos where he bought a five-piece set of kitchen knives in a block and a knife sharpener.

Where’s the blood?

The vehicle was seen leaving the area around his home at 8am on May 22 with Adebolajo driving.

Adebolajo filled up with petrol but told the shop he did not have any money or identification.

He offered his phone as security and told the shop assistant not to answer if it rang.

After a trip home, Adebolajo returned and paid for the petrol and then headed towards Adebowale’s address at around 9.30am.


The two attackers did not flee.

One attacker, Michael Adebolajo, spoke to a camera saying: “I apologise that women have to witness this.

“But in our lands, women have to see the same.”

Woolwich attack: confusing, bizarre  (Telegraph)

Michael Adebolajo was brought up as a Christian.

His Christian family is originally from NIGERIA where Moslems have attacked churches.

“The police put up their tent around the scene of the crime, ie covering the headless torso, but wait: it had moved about thirty yards.

Originally it was round the corner as air-photos showed. How could the scene of the crime move like this? I guess it had to be next to the crumpled-up car.”

Woolwich: Fake Terror in London – The Truthseeker

“A post-mortem into the death of Drummer Lee Rigby has … failed to confirm the cause of death, Scotland Yard said.”

Thus doctors are not endorsing the idea that he died as stated.

Woolwich: Fake Terror in London – The Truthseeker


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