Darkness or Light in SEVEN?

As we pass the Sols t ice and the sun rise on the new year of 2014… S EVE N,  I wonder if the jokes played on the British goyim will sink in next year. The last S EVE N was 2005, and we were played 7/7/7, where 52, seven, were killed by dudes who travelled on cancelled trains, used rucksacks under the Edgeware train, may also have been ‘neutralised’ at Canary Wharf, ran drills  with spooks, and bought return tickets to return to their loved ones on the day they joined over a thousand other people involved in a drill that went live, funny that,  idiots or jokers?


Blast from UNDER the train



As for the laughs of 2013;

The keystone cops at the Met want us to believe Gareth WIlliams topped himself by getting into a holdall in the bath and locking it from the inside. That’s the simple version, just for laughs.


A brave guy.


Another peach, on the facade that is Diana’s murder,  “Therefore the MPS are satisfied there is no evidential basis upon which to open any criminal investigation or to refer the matter back to HM Coroner.”

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley

‘I am satisfied that there is no evidential basis upon which therefore to reopen any criminal homicide investigation.’

Gutless puppet, mind you, Who would want to piss off the regiment, and those that gave the green light? It may well be they weren’t involved, but it was unequivocally a spooky event and most ex SAS move into ‘freelance’ work via different agencies, and some, as with regular army, and police, are very dangerous peeps indeed. That said, the above MR ROWLEY is wearing the costume of a Constable and has taken an oath, yet he seems to have misplaced his balls, like so many in the ‘force’, idiots or jokers?

The existence of the firearms – which will raise suspicions of a rogue unit working within the SAS – was revealed after Scotland Yard detectives ­probing the murder allegations interviewed Soldier N’s father-in-law.

I fear Soldier N is in for a rendezvous with an accident, heart attack or maybe a holdall.

Diana, like Gareth Williams, knew the score, Qui Bono?

The next joke played was the partial beheading of one Lee Rigby, SEVEN

Was Lee Rigby real or ceremonial in a masonic kinda way?

L is the 12th letter and Odin, the number 3, E is the 5th which would give us 13 (M) or 22, (11:11) E also sums to 15 which is 0 and has the right to remain silent, so we have L (3);


2 9 7 2 9 ……Do U C?

11  7  11 = 11

L is 3, RIGBY is 11 either way you look…………….33

The attack was on 22/5/2013………………………….33 or snake eyes (22+5=27=9 and 2013=sIX=9, and as 9+6=15=6)

The Royal Arsenal has much history, using the Isisian codes we can cypher the S to C as they are both at 3…..what do we get?

A R C E N A L……..1 2 3 (5 or 15) 14 1 3 …… or ROYAL ARC 3.141 …..Royal Arch and Pi!


Chris Spivey has noticed that we are being given two different times for the attack on soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich in London.

The Old Bailey Comedy Festival: Day 1 – Chris Spivey

The above photo shows ‘Lee Rigby about to be hit by a car’ – at 13.26 hours (1.26 pm)
But, according to the official story:At 1.35pm Lee Rigby was at the Tower Gateway rail Station.

Ahh, LOL , idiots or jokers?

As for Yewtree, what a joke, a few has been celebs, the odd DJ and now they’re after football players, anything but the truth, why d’ya think they called it Yewtree!

Jachim & Boaz, aka the Yewtree & the Oak

Jachim & Boaz, aka the Yewtree & the Oak


One has been promised errr, ones police will give them a few mmm celebrity types, you know, mmerrr keep away from ones castles, and mummy’s too, yuh? ok.

billionaire peadophile (s)?

billionaire peadophile

And very recently,



The jokes that are the political puppets, con tinue to bombard us with bs, but we must endeavour indefatigably to reach the sleepy and dumbed down, the indoctrinated and conditioned, which was all of us at one stage or another. Time has taught that few give a shit anyhow, but we only need a few.

The same idiots or jokers that gives the indigenous dumbed down of Britain these film sets and psyops have puppets in place, another really quite laughable truth if it weren’t so serious, the ‘truth’ movement guru’s, multi millionaires with links to Masonry, mind control, paedo’s and politicians. A joke when you see through their smoke, they want the limelight, so we should shine it upon them.

Dirty and dellusional

Dirty and delusional

Darkness or light in s eve n? once the light breaks through, the darkness dies, simple.

Noel, and a bright new year to you all.












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