Woolwich Psyop,

As I said, and still do, ”What if good British men and women were armed?”


The perps (spooks) wouldn’t dare try these stunts, GCHQ and Vauxhall Cross would be having some embarrassing funerals methinks. When sovereign brits had the right to bear arms,  gun crime was zero, nilch, nada, zip. That little word respect.

Then the police were unarmed, since the paedo cover up of Dunblane, which the sicko’s at the top are trying desperately to keep shtum, Brits have been disarmed (by consent), plod has been given Heckler & Koch 9mm’s and gun crime has soared, simple.

Mention GUNS and people panic, get angry, scratch their heads, ‘why does that nutter want guns back?’

There would be no psychopathic police pushing their weight about, no immigrants raping our women and children, (some cultures that have immigration to Britain marry 12yr olds) and the Talmud of the jews go as low as 3.


No spooks using false flags and other psyops to push the agenda of destroying our sovereignty.

Gun crime would plummet, Switzerland has a firearm in almost every house…zero crime!

Sure, they’d try another Dunblane, Sandy Hook or Aurora style psyop, then the jews would push to disarm as per usual, til an armed citizen double taps the perp, then we learn the cadaver originates from 5/6 or Mossad, they’d soon stop. Hamilton of Dublane infamy managed to double tap himself………..in the head!…..lol

Wakey wakey Britain……..time to take it all back.


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