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A big thank you to all who keep checking back at Icenirising, I’ve been checking in, tweeting etc from a friends pc and have purchased a toughbook and dongle to get back online anonymously.
My home pc has not been hacked since i dumped windows for linux some 2 or 3 years ago when the whole OS was wiped out twice, since the Yewtree video things went very weird here indeed. We know Norfolk Police watch this blog and hope they continue to do so, we also know it is them who tried to hack a yahoo account, it would just be a guess to say they hacked me again, anyhoo, my toughbook is encrypted and secure as it can be in this orwellian reality that is modern Britain.

The last hack came at an appropriate time for me, it would sound dramatic to say i was concerened for my safety and sanity, but accurate. There are no others that i can find in the ‘truth movement’ in Britain that speak of the construct in place and the war that wages for our minds, the setianist insanity that submerges our islands.

Do not confuse concern with fear, I have control of my first enemy, and almost my second, clarity, is just around the corner.

Thanks again for dropping by.

These rivers run too deep

With schemes of men for days that lay ahead

They sell their souls so cheap

They breed mistrust and fill my heart with dread.
When did the boy become a man and lose his life to learn

So much confusion to this plan
these times are not changing.

Show me the love to keep us together

Open up your hearts
don’t turn me away.
Comfort me through this stormy weather
From where I stand
I see a broken land.

This boy has learned to fail

In times like these to cry seems so absurd.
His own life’s crisis pales
In the shadow of this truly dying world.
These are the games we played at school

Our hands raised in despair with no exception to the rule

These times are not changing.

Show me the love to keep us together
. . .
Where is the love to keep us together
. . .

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