Fry’d or Gryll’d Bear?

frygryllsBear Grylls, ex SAS huh hum,  did another of his shows late last year with jewish gay and egotistical know it all Stephen Fry. The clip was hard to find and we’ll see if it gets blocked by copywright this ‘n’ that as i’ve edited a quick video to go with this blog, my first for 4 months since the weird stuff after my Operation Yewtree video. I’m now t’internetting via my toughbook and a pay as you go dongle, all encrypted and hopefully secure as can be.

It appears to be a tangled web indeed and Edward Grylls is not what he appears to be, neither is Fry,no surprise there then but look deeper and it begins to stink to high heaven, and I ain’t the only one.

chris ryanryan2What had me thinking about Grylls for a while was two things, well apart from the stench within the BBC and British establishment, firstly I used to jump out of planes in the late nineties, early Noughties and secondly, I’ve fractured vertibrae some 14 years ago in 2002 when I was hit by a crane whilst working on sea defences in Gorleston next to Gt Yarmouth. I can prove both of these statements, Mr Edward Michael Bear Grylls cannot, but there’s much more, in fact he is surrounded by lies, people with links to paedophiles and child trafficking charities and the now obligatory  political and royal connections, sound familiar?

gryllsjimmy-savile-1-zLets start with Grylls’ statement in which he claims he broke his back, apart from ex Regiment Chris Ryans insider perspective, that the regiment weren’t in Zambia in 96 when Grylls claims they were, he said this when his parachute ripped at 16,000 ft  and failed to open, roman candle in skydiving lingo; ” I should’ve cut the main chute and gone to reserve but thought there was time to resolve the problem”.

Excuse the language but THAT IS TOTAL BOLLOCKS, anyone who’s skydived, even a few times like i did, will tell you clearly that is a definate, unequivocal no no. the training is  C R YS TAL, if you don’t cut away and recover (pull reserve) you WILL die, at what height did Grylls decide it was not resolvable and why did he not pull reserve and decide to land on his back? on his pack at terminal velocity almost, and only fracture a couple of vertibrae. More enlightening for me, as I remember at the time, the powers that be were trying to ban parachutes on commercial planes as they have explosive devices, you see, they have in built detonators to blow the chute should the wearer pass out, panic etc and the they blew at 1,500ft from memory, are we supposed to believe the special forces rigs don’t have safety devices bearing, in mind the  cost alone of one SAS trooper let alone his equipment and the mission?  even if they don’t/didn’t, what sane man, trooper, army or civvy would ” try and resolve the problem” at over 100 miles an hour falling to certain death, all the way down hoping his pack would break the fall? Laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

This was in 1996, 18 months later he climbed Everest on 22nd of July, (pi) lol, I’m not saying it didn’t happen but read on. Before he climbed Eve’s rest, and whilst he was in rehab for a busted spine at Headley Court, wait for it….he trained for Everest by climbing a mountain called Ama Dablam, a mountain described by Sir Edmund Hilary as “unclimable”, not for our Bear it would seem.

I have hunted quite hard and cannot find one photo or piece of evidence that gives Grylls at Ama Dablam in 97/98, why that is important to me is that Grylls has lied before, not only have we seen fakery on his early ‘survival’ shows, he has lied about his ‘flight’ over Everest, claiming another ‘world first’ that turned out to be BS. First he claimed it all to be legit in the screenshot below. I always take screenshots now, big bruvver is trying to clear up the net at a rate of knots and many sites and pages have dissappeared, links then don’t work and your back up has gone, screenshots prove it WAS there at one point, I digress.

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:30:49Then, after being rumbled by others with the power of independent thought, a rare and dying trait in the human species, he changed his tune.

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:31:31So you see, our Mr Grylls likes a porky pie, very dangerous in the public eye don’t you think? that’s the point, they think we don’t think, so what about his private life?

Well we know he was a company director of The One Stop Car Shop, with links to filth Derek Laud, friend of other sicko’s such as Michael Portillo, Lord McAlpine and Peter Lilley to name a few.

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:13:13

Grylls is/was also a director of Future Fuels No:1 LLP alongside Thatcher protege  Sean Patrick Rocks, who happens to also be advisor to jewish traitor, paedophile protector and cousin to royalty, David Cameron:

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:21:37Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:24:40Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:25:44

rockGrylls also did three more outstanding feats, supposedly, he crossed the North Atlantic in 2003 with Everest partner and ex SAS Mick Crossthwaite, he also raised money for ‘charity’ in Antarctica 2008 and Northwest pass expedition in 2010, The charity in question was called Global Angels, fighting …..wait for it, Child poverty and child trafficking, a little digging and my screenshot theory confirms it, the so called charity has been deleted;

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 08:40:14Funny that Edward, I see you have a rare heart condition, that could be convenient for those you are covering for one day, suicide wouldn’t look right but heart attack?

Grylls, you’re full of it mate, and we’re after you!

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 09:41:20

Where were Grylls and Crossthwaite when Diana was killed? training for Everest on an unclimable mountain, with a busted spine from an impossible parachuting accident on a mission that regiment insiders say didn’t happen, and all claimed by a proven liar.

If made public, the phone recordings could help throw light on sensational claims by former SAS serviceman ­Soldier N that Diana was murdered by an SAS assassination squad.


I would wager one copper did some digging, found out what he shouldn’t have ,  keep it shtum son, national security ‘n’ all that, how about a bit of celeb life?….watch this space

Big Brother: Secrets & LiesGay (obviously these days) copper Daniel Neal of Operation Yewtree gets into the Big Brother house 2013, pushing the gay agenda is big in case you hadn’t noticed, with childrens BBC its subliminal, and yes we can prove it, with adult tv it’s pushed by the likes of jewish gay and writer of paedophile plays, Stephen Fry, buddies with Grylls, Prince Charles and yes, the Queen, none dare speak up against it, politically incorrect or offensive, abusive or whatever shite used to keep the independent mind from speaking, keeping you as a child, in fear, long term they mean to trivialise paedophilia, slowly and subtly over the next few generations via the jewish run mainstream medias. And don’t anti semite me, the Palestinians and syrians  are the semitic peoples, There’s a reason Jews have been expelled from over a hundered countries, if the nation wakes to what’s in front of their eyes, it may well happen again, after all if repatriation is good enough for Israel!


Screenshot from 2014-05-04 19:37:14Screenshot from 2014-05-16 08:05:57Fry writng plays about paedophilia? yep.

Screenshot from 2014-05-28 10:17:23If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, It’s a duck.



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