Wot Bang?


A good friend said to me ” i thought you said you’d be back with a bang”, he’s right I did say that and i did remove the blog, the reasons are two fold, firstly, the fuse is burning slowly  so things are not moving as quick as I thought they might, a man is in prison being held unlawfully and has been since Christmas, we need to see his outcome before I make my move, many have suffered harshly at the hands of the state whilst tunnelling into various rabbit holes and it would be foolish to act in haste and waste all his hard work, others before him and of course mine. Secondly, and many may not like this but after much research and many dark warrens, joining various groups and listening to different ‘gurus’ in the ‘truth/freedom’ movement over the years, it’s clear to me the people in the truth movement are just watching a circus, jaws dropped in amazement, worshipping their gurus and leaders, from Ian Cranes travelling show to Ickes mind numbing and embarrassing ‘talks’, certain sovereign groups and freedom rebel types, lawful rebels, you name it, controlled from the start and set up to make money from those that need to be led or confuse and lead astray those who are seriously trying to get to the light from the darkness of said rabbit holes, and dark they are, very dark.

It is not for all, indeed it is only for a few, the bang that happened with me is having to agree with the above statement from the grand lodge..yeah I know…. Avdi Tace Vide, See Hear be Silent. By that I mean that people cannot deal with reality, they need their cotton wrapped lives and anything that threatens to burst their bubble will result in cognitive dissonance to the point they’ll keep clear of you all together, the truth hurts, a lot. A defence mechanism in built thanks to media and education indoctrination over many generations. Friends, family, those down the pub, they just cannot handle it, they won’t research to check what you say, those that do soon back off in fear though they cannot admit it to themselves, indeed fear is the first hurdle, if you don’t clear it the race is over, it’s far far easier to label you as a nut job, a conspiracy theorist, bla bla bla and it’s hard, very hard, but  C R YS TAL to me now, see, hear, but be silent to those around you. Blog, youtube, trutube, hand out flyers, hang up banners, and dig into deep dark holes, but keep it away from the folks that cannot be bothered, the afraid, the greedy material types, those that love their money and cars, their shiny new telly, if your lucky like me you’ll have a few that can take it on board and will stand by you, but the journey to get there is rough. Rougher is having to see the people you care about, those that say they’re friends, peeps down the pub living with their heads up their butts, forgetting all you’ve shown them, proved to them. Scared, timid, stupid, but in their world they’re happy, leave them there and move on, hard indeed.

The bang is coming you have my word, it involves a judge, a council, a police force and several individuals in said organisations. The friend that said ”you said you’d be back with a bang” was in the court room when my home was unlawfully taken, the same court that said i didn’t appear

The truth cannot be debated and the Law is the Law.

Both are on our side.


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