Panther Vs Bear Part 1

grylls angelsIn 2004, Edward Grylls, pictured above with the obligatory one eye signature pic, was made Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Naval Reserves, on the 11th of July 2009 (9 11) he was made chief scout of the boy scouts,  in 2013 he was made Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Marine Reserves.

He is currently also an ambassador for the Global Angels charity fighting child trafficking and poverty, apparently, amongst other things. Sicko jewess Rantzen, who knew all about Savile and his child raping ways, yet said nothing, is also involved with the Angels.

rantzen angels

Oh what, women wouldn’t sexually assault young boys?

cheryl-cole_glamour-6jan14_insta_b_639x426“It’s actually making me sad I had such a lovely new year and was more than happy to spend time and take pictures with people……Now somehow a 9 year old child who gave me a kiss has turned into me kissing a random 20yr old! Can’t do right for doing wrong seriously”

If a bloke kissed a  9 year old girl on the lips, what would happen? but then she is in the SImon Cowell ring, buddies with pederast Jonathan King, who is buddies with Stephen Fry who is buddies with Grylls, oh look, full circle.

Rantzen founded Childline with pervert Nick Ross, set up to filter out public calls and evidence of the abuse network linked to the disgusting British establishment from the BBC, through Westminster and up to the inbred royalty.

rossPervert Ross presented Crimewarch with the beautiful Jill Dando, murdered in 1999  by a coup d etat, Jill was finding out about the establishment child raping and killing. Jill’s then fiance, Farthing, is now the Queens gynacologist….eeeuuw, and is linked to the ‘suicide’ of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, funny that.

According to many, Cliff was sent to befriend Jill to see what she knew, Richards will do as he’s told like Cameron etc, Mossad/5/6 have too much filth on them for them to do otherwise

jill-and-cliff1.Cliff is friends of the inbreds and goes back years with killer and child rapist, jewish jim Savile, cliff was also close to jewish gangsters the krays but i won’t digress.

Cameron, his strings being pulled so hard by his puppet masters, is desperately trying to cover it up with internet censorship blocking child porn ‘n’ stuff, a guise to block sites like these that are exposing said nonces, traitors and war criminals.

gryllcamBlock all you like Cameron, it’s too late, England will see you and your ilk.

Grylls believes in the God of the Torah/Talmud,

The inbreds believe the same god gives them their right to rule.


To Rule, Rape, Murder, Genocide, Enslave, Steal.  We have had good kings and queens, who ruled us according to our customs and laws, those that like her maj, committed treason,  were killed or banished.


Grylls career has sky rocketed since 1999/2000 ish, he has his own brand on Gerber knives etc, a perfectly good, tried and tested knife without his endorcement.

Would he do the bidding of the bloodline? as I said in Fry’d or Gryll’d Bear, previously, his whereabouts in August 97 are dubvious to say the least, and yes I know all about the Tavistock tag of ‘conspiracy theorist’, so look at this as a coincidence theory:

Where were Grylls and Crossthwaite when Diana was killed? training for Everest on an unclimable mountain, with a busted spine from an impossible parachuting accident on a mission that regiment insiders say didn’t happen, and all claimed by a proven liar.

The only survivor form Dianas murder was Trevor Rees Jones, her bodyguard, huhum, he was  ex parachute regiment if you believe the official version of him, after the crash that killed Diana, the confusion was a plenty, as is the way when smoke is deployed.

reesjonesjonesliesSmokescreen, Was Jones ex Regiment like Grylls and Crosthwaite?

We can tie Jones to Grylls via….wait for it….the boy scouts……ever heard of the Council of 10?


Rothschild bum boy Mandelson is in control of the crimestoppers phoneline, they went down during the calls for eyewitnesses  appeal regarding Jill Dando’s murder.

To stop calls and phonelines working would also require some sought of telecoms expertise, Mick Crossthwaite, Grylls’ everest and ex sas buddie has been in telecoms for quite some time.crossthwaite

mc1So Crossthwaite left Cambridge in 1996, did Regiment selection, trained for Eve’s rest with Grylls all in 1 year?

One other question regarding Grylls parachuting accident, he said his chute ripped at 16,000 ft, WTF was his chute doing open at that height? a HAHO jump would require oxygen, no mention of that by Grylls or anyone else, HALO jumps open at low altitude, sorry….High Altitude High Opening and High Altitude Low Opening, both used by special forces and both are oxygen jumps.

Grylls is buddies with the suspects in the bbc peado ring, he is buddies with the inbreds, he has links to other SAS and Dianas bodyguard via the council of 10.

The child supply and abuse ring has not gone away, it still operates at the highest level and the agenda to trivialise paedophilia and increase the gay agenda is on the crawl but moving forward.


kingfry1kingfryIt operates inside the media, Simon Cowell and his empire are most certainly involved, and Grylls can be linked to it via his buddie, jew Harry Styles who he follows on Twitter…..twat.

1dirstylesgryllsstyIt’s deep as are all rabbit holes, but once the light shines in, They’re doomed.

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