7 7 Terror Alerts, LOL.

Today is July 4th, American independence day.

It is all over mainstream medias (jewish owned and run) that we are at a high threat level for a ‘terror’ attack, i’m guessing from Al Ciada or the like, definately big bad brown muslims.


July 4th 2014 is 11/7, is 7/7.

Mossads rent boys, MI5 have the threat at ‘substantial’

mi5While the Telegraph has piccys of robots with machine guns looking out for laptop explosives and body bombs,  you do have to laugh, idiots.


I say robots because that’s the closest euphamism for me at least, if they were men, under oath, with dignity, courage and honour, the only feckers who are genuinely  ‘terrified’ would be under arrest, not the false hypnotic ‘terror’ instilled into the masses.


The answer is simple, as is always the case: Arrest the child raping traitorous war criminals, the evidence is not only enough, it is substantial, and they are not euphamisms in case you were wondering, print the truth in the mainstream press,  EMP strike on Israel, Regiment and Marine Commandos take out the women and children murderers known internationally as the IDF, free the thousands of imprisoned children in Israel, free Palestine, job’s a goodun.


Remove jews from positions of power, money control and medias, repatriate them to a land they can call their own,  somewhere remote and unpopulated where they can practice their sick talmudic rituals and debauchery. Ever wonder why Israel is not multicultural? they impose it on every other white nation globally. Take down your garden fence and allow your neighbours to wonder freely around your garden, see how long it stays peaceful…simple.


And don’t Nazi me, cos I do see, d’ya think we had Nazi’s and Allies, Not sees and All eyes for no reason, you’re being told to look, to see, so do so.

Lose the fear…..and fight….peacefully….








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