Hiya, and ThanQ

For the last week or so, this blog has been getting over a thousand hits a day, up to 2,500 one day.

Mostly you are looking at Savile related articles, david lizard boy icke and the related stuff.

I want to quickly say hello and than q for dropping by, i’m sure you may not agree with all you see and that is as it should be, but if any of you, new to this site or not, have any information regading the accusations made against Stephen Fry by a boy from Norwich in the 90’s, PLEASE come forward.

The cover up (inquiry) into the abuse allegations are a result of the pressure by sites like these and others far more worthy over the years. Camerons clamping down on the net under the guise of ‘protecting us’ is blatantly to monitor and record activity that exposes their child abuse rings that go  as high as you will read here and elsewhere, the exposing of their  treason and war crimes are also causing them to panick and the common law of this land, with OUR tenacity, have them terrified, we can and will put them behind bars, maybe not immediately, that is down to the bottle, or lack of it, of the Constabulary, but in the future, it can and will happen, we have to blaze a trail for others to follow, to widen and secure.

I will never stop until they zip me into a holdall in the bath or i have a heart attack, archery accident or some other bs to keep peeps like me shtum.

Hopefully it is a long way off and rest assured, those few that know me will know i mean it when i say i will take one of them with me or at least mame the feckers, until then we have to fight, for us, our children and future generations, or the scum that run the show will turn these islands into the police state of goyim that they have had planned for ever.

Know this, YOU have ALL the power needed to stop this crap forever, YOU can make a difference and they are far far more scared of us, this is OUR country, OUR land, not Europes, not the jews, not the inbred royals or the treasonous child rapists in Westminster, IT IS OURS, Please help take it back.

Quick rant over, thanks again.

Do you say thank you or thank Q? is there a difference?

The cypher shifts at Q


Do you Get it?

To solve for the BET of the “Alphabet” requires more study, but let us focus on the “standard lay of the Isisian Codes”, or the ABC’s.


If you “got it, do you have it”? Yes. I have “got” this, therefore, I “have” this. If I G-T this, I must “halve” this.

Divide the Alphabet in HALF.


The Alphabet divides at the letters M and N, or the numbers 13 and 14.

MN = 1314 = Pi

Still, you have not “got” it yet, so you must HALVE it again in order to “get”, or “GT” “it”. Divide the Alphabet in half again.




The Symmetrical Letters are as follows:

AHIMOTUVWXY = 11 Letters = K

The Assymmetrical Letters are as follows:





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