Chris Spivey, Yawn.


For those who’ve been in this ‘game’ for more than a few years will know what the ‘yawn’ means.

You see we’ve seen it all before, those who remember actor Charlie Veitch, paid BBC scumbag and coward extraordinaire, he was arrested  a few times and oh how his followers sobbed, and attacked with vigour any who questioned him.

Same with jew Luke Rudkowski of we are change infamy, several arrests and as with Veitch, ratings soared, donations flooded in all the time the ‘followers’ oblivious to any facts as they are not up to independant thought, you see people need to be led, if it sorta fits what they think they know well then that’ll do.

Spivey has done some good work on his Woolwich posts, but when mainstream jewish media rags like the Sun newspaper give him some ink time then you should really sit back and think unlike his ‘fans’ and followers who have found their new guru, their leader and that good enough, so back off, lol.

Spivey links to Icke, who says the queen is a shapeshifting lizard, Icke claims being reincarnations of a Napoleonic General, an Elizabethan Spy, Francis Bacon’s brother, a red Indian Chief, Oh and he’s been to Mercury,….cuckoo….cuckoo.

Spivey links to MI5 psyop UK Column,

Spivey has banned all posts from endzog, just take a peek at the attacks in the comments section, typical jewish troll tactics,

Spivey has ‘common law’ info on his page yet he must have given his N A ME say it ( EN A ME….EN A MY) your name is your enemy, it is linked to your person via your birth/berth certificate, without your name NO constable has any jurisdiction unless you have broken the LAW, NOT suspiscion of harrassment?!

Spiveys arrest is a scam, to boost his ratings, promote the jewish agenda as per Icke, Gerrish , russell brand et al, if he was a threat he’d still be in there, for a very long time.

Spivey links to Bill i’m another well hard cockney Maloney, Maloney is buddies with gay boy Peter Tatchell of PIE and LGBT fame who thinks child sex is sometimes ok, all the while screaming about paedo’s. Maloney also made Nick Clegg do a runner, no secret service anywhere in sight, can you say film set?

I emailed Veitch on his arrest in America, asking why he gave them subject matter jurisdiction…….no reply and miracles of miracles, he was released, free to go, no charges.

UK Column, we are change, the BC Group and all the others i’ve forgotten ALL not only linked to Veitch but put him on a peda stool, dig into veitch and the peda bit becomes very likely.

It all makes sense, Icke’s been rumbled and his ratings are tumbling, Brand (rothschild rent boy) soon to follow, many now see through the Gerrish 5th column and hence they need a new ‘prominant voice’, one the dumbed down and frightened British goyim can relate to, with effin this and c… that, what a hard man…….yeah right.

I’ve had my home and car taken, i’ve been to court and told i didn’t show, i’ve reported Treason to every plod and MP i can , I’ve written about Woolwich, in fact before Spivey if my memory serves me right i’ve had my pc hacked more times than i can remember and they ain’t kicked my door in, but then i ain’t got millions of hits……..funny that dontcha fuckin think mate cor blimey guvnor.

update 9th August.

Ahhh, I couldn’t manage to type this through pain of my sides splitting from laughter, as if by magic, a few hours after i posted this, old spiv the div only went and posted a link to Fraudkowski, then to top it off did a classic and predicted call for donations….oh how i laughed.

spivwacYou don’t have to look far here or anywhere else to see through the jewish masonic controlled fraudkowski and his circus, and he’s an expert at the extortion via donations racket…oy vey.

Still giggling……

spivpayPoor old spiv is having to pay, for some reason, an icelandic server to stop his mates, sorry, the security services from shutting him down. Deja vue?

And guess what, it’s all every body else’s fault as he makes clear further down cos you ain’t pulling your effin weight.

effin weightYep, Deja vue, wos up spiv ya div, are ya feelin……..let me guess…………”persecuted”?

Forgive the colloquial typing, it’s just incase spiv’s trolls show up, i’d like them to be able to read it and not feel left out, G-T forbid they feel persecuted too, bless em.

Update; 20/8/14

On his Facebook page and his webpage he, poor old persecuted truth teller spiv made it clear that 6, SIX plod came to his house when he was arrested…….sorry……when he gave them subject matter jurisdiction AND signed his NAME, bit of a div our Spiv, con sidering he has massive knowledge of common law on his site……huhhumm.

6police facebook


Then, as if by magic, on his post dated August 10th, the numbers change from 6 to 4 in his house, we know the jews get their maths wrong quite a lot and they do love the 6 number, but spiv the div says four thugs now, not six.


Maybe it was his facebook admin or one of his ‘team’, Lisa….look both ways and Lisa is Asil, Lisa Asil is a presenter/reporter on Channel 4 (jewish owned) tv station here in Britain, why not……..after all spiv’s buddy icke used, or rather he was told to use The Guardian’s Sandra Poulton for his money spinner, The Peoples Voice, Icke is old friends with perverts Nick Ross and Russell Brand, and Spiv the div is buddoes with pervert and PIE advocate Peter Tatchell.

Same faeces different recepticle.

Toughbook off now……goin to the beach….

Updated 30th August 2015:

I and several other bloggers have been watching Spiv the div carefully,I’ve had the arrest footage for sometime and with his story, it stinks..after speaking to a friend of mine, an engineer and very clued up on all things computery, he confirmed my beliefs, decent encryption takes weeks to get past, not hours, so how did plod plant images of little boys on his hard drive in the time he claims, or are we supposed to believe he had no encryption, bearing in mind the magnitude of ‘his’ work?

When one is aware that one fine day, policey/spooky/ drone types will frequent ones abode, one takes precautions doesn’t one? Spiv also now claims plod ‘missed’ a laptop, a hard drive and some USB sticks….in their….”90 minute search”….

police missed

He expects us to be satisfied that the judge (at a magistrates hearing) wouldn’t let his (legal team) have the forensic report on the hard drive…so get it yourself div…and prove images were planted and when….simple…if Spiv does a Subject Access Request he will receive EVERYTHING, including audio traffic of all his arrests, failing to supply it would breach data protection and plod would be in serious trouble and £20.000 worse off.

Spiv keeps running on about his barrister…as recently revealed: I have been on the wrong side of the law many times as a young man, I have been to many, many magistrates courts, …a barrister? ….never…..they’re £1000.00 an hour ish back in my day, and wouldn’t appear in a magistrate hearing; that’s a clerk or a solicitors playground.

Also speaking from experience, when plod come through your door to arrest you, it’s like a train coming through your door, they do not stand the other side asking you to open it, kick it a few times then repeat the request…it’s just ridiculous. The dogs knew the people in these clips, they were familiar and relaxed the whole time….even docile dogs sense tension and react to alert/defend the pack….or….they’re used to that kind of atmosphere….then you have more questions arise regarding the man and his homelife….

After deleting the page where he says 4 came;


He now says 3…


Maybe I’m missing something…but since I/we have been watching spivey, the very popular aangirfan has stopped linking to Icenirising….funy that…


Another admirer of Spivey in blogdom is Coleman experience, look how fast he blogged the event:



And guess who was doing the filming outside the court?

Only one of Gerrish’s foot sol diers…pushing the Hollie Greig BS….I have been deep into that warren; I met Hollie and her mother, Maloney, Gerrish and others at the RCJ and I managed to film in court, both there and in other courts, nothing an affidavit can’t sort out….sure they’ll be silent but thats cool….that’s called acquiescence as the good reader knows, they film you everywhere you go, you have the right to do the same, but nope, the great noble and brave spiv, nor any of his ‘supporters’ managed to film the proceedings….mmm.

Screenshot from 2015-08-25 09_00_30

Do you know where the power lies?

And who pulls the strings?

Do you know where the power lies?

It starts, and ends with YOU.

Why is spiv carrying that ‘evidence’ around….shouldn’t it be on record in the court?……why is the interviewer taking spiv for a stroll?….why does the valiant and articulate Spivey need the nervous Kollerstrom to speak for him?….look at the body language….look at Kollerstroms face when spiv mentions the little boys….

We were right about Rudkowski and Veitch….we’re right about Gerrish, Crane, Hayes and now Burgess, ALL the main ‘truth/freedom’ voices in Britain….Ireland included are there to divert from you know what….OI VEY…

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