Holiday, Sea, See, C You Soon.

shipI’m off to Cornwall for a few weeks, I love the west country most of all in England, though I found a really quiet beach local to me, about a half hour drive and not a soul in sight, usually.

We’ve had another cracking summer so far and i was at my secret cove last week, heavy hearted for Gaza and pondering on the Jewish hell that is all around us.

Knowing the construct, and the two opposing forces at war, the setianist, noahide psychopaths and the seemingly and supposedly more benevolent Osirion priestcrafts, i was reflecting on same while swimming and soaking up some vitamin D, looking at some ships on the HORIZON and thinking a SHIP on the sea is above the water,  not submerged as we know humanity is thanks to the aforementioned talmudic nutters, SHIP is PI HS….Pi and H ( the symbol for Pi in the greek alphabet and S which cyphers to C, if you look both ways you’ll sea, c, see?


Is it the same for other CRAFT that are above the see/sea/c? I thought…..a CANOE is pronounced CAN U and as CANOE is 3 1 14 15 5, the O has a right to remain silent as does the E , 3141…………CAN U…..sea?

cnoe A KAYAK  also travels above the deluge, looking both ways it reflects,  KAYAK is 11 1 9 1 11, can you see the master number? go to the belly of the snake, or roll a die, under the 6 is a 1 so KAYAK is 66 6 6 6 66…..666 either side of a 6, and not the torah/talmudic DEVIL as they’d have you be lie ve, devil is lived and live is life…..LIFE being 12960, a very platonic relation SHIP.

kayakHeading for the light.

As the craft is occulted, hidden, isn’t it right a Hovercraft should do just that, Hover over the craft of that which is hidden in plain sight?

That which is submerged is underneath the light, a SUB MARINE, MARINE is Pi…..13 1 2 9 14 15…….3141492 with E remaining silent, so a SUB MARINE is also aptly named.

subAnd don’t SUBMARINES attack those that are above the sea? SHIPS?

Going back further we remember the CORACLE……C ORACLE, see oracle?

coracleCoracles were predominantly circular for millennia and indeed still are, with O and E remaining silent, looking both ways we see….321 3 123 or 6 3 6, with the sum of 3 being 1+2+3=6 we can cypher CORACLE TO 666, again the code for the sun, the moon and the procession of the equinoxes.

BOAT also being B which is the glyph of 1 and 3 joined, O being silent leaving 1 and 4, cyphering BOAT to 1314…3.141…..sea?

It should become apparent that fish and our children both school, so no wonder they are both submerged, ignorant and never to seek the light. Though some fish, indeed the oldest in evolution terms have emerged from the sea, hopefully it will be the same for our children, it only takes a few to start the ball rolling.

Sea you soon.


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