Chris Spivey, Yawn.

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Iceni Rising


For those who’ve been in this ‘game’ for more than a few years will know what the ‘yawn’ means.

You see we’ve seen it all before, those who remember actor Charlie Veitch, paid BBC scumbag and coward extraordinaire, he was arrested  a few times and oh how his followers sobbed, and attacked with vigour any who questioned him.

Same with jew Luke Rudkowski of we are change infamy, several arrests and as with Veitch, ratings soared, donations flooded in all the time the ‘followers’ oblivious to any facts as they are not up to independant thought, you see people need to be led, if it sorta fits what they think they know well then that’ll do.

Spivey has done some good work on his Woolwich posts, but when mainstream jewish media rags like the Sun newspaper give him some ink time then you should really sit back and think unlike…

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