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VIP child-abuse and the missing religion


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John Cant Lie, Lend Him Your Ears. Mossad Agent/Author Reveals ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service on C-SPAN Read more at

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Beheading Folly’s

James Wright Foley was first ‘kidnapped’ in 2011 and held for 44 days until his release on 18th May. His kidnapping helped as always by the jewish media (all media), spiralled libya into regional and tribal wars that persist to … Continue reading

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9-11, the Ultimate Illuminatus Code

I won’t bore you with the details, I havn’t been being lazy on the blog front but i’m not in control of my pc at present, all passwords fail and i’ve been on it for a week now to no … Continue reading

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Beheading Hoaxes, How Stupid Can They Be?

Youtube have removed the Disgusting footage as they put it of the Foley beheading hoax, you see, people are starting to think, to look, and it appears they can see the bs of the jewish owned and run mainstream medias, … Continue reading

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The Legend of 9/11, 13 Years On

Back from hols, catching up with stuff and getting back into the swing, pc is playing up but i think its me, nothing major, until then here’s to reblogging Grizzom.

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