Beheading Hoaxes, How Stupid Can They Be?

Youtube have removed the Disgusting footage as they put it of the Foley beheading hoax, you see, people are starting to think, to look, and it appears they can see the bs of the jewish owned and run mainstream medias, politicians and police.

Foley and now Sotloff follow Lee Rigby in the insane fearmongery planned and executed by the jewish owned medias and their minions, the security services, and aforementioned plod and perverts in westminster. To me though it shows they stink of fear, they are bricking it because now matter how much they try and ban this and block that, they cannot, will not stop it.

Once the light is shining, the darkness is over, these are the desperate throws of the apathetic greedy little perverts and psychos who are behind all this madness, sit back and enjoy their demise, lose the fear and laugh as these scum expose themselves more and more.

You see jewtube can block all it likes, trutube on the other hand…….

The yellow bellied plod at the Met are even threatening it’s a terror offence to …….WATCH the video…..these are not men……certainly not British men….these are cowards….power hungry yes men with no brains, no friends and no love in their hearts…..scum and trained in tel aviv more than likely, as was the prick running the Lee Rigby psyop…..

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