Benjavid Netanyameron, Terrorist and Psychopath Extraordinare.

If the Cons get in again, free speech and independant thought will be illegal, you will believe only what you are told to believe.

If Labour get in, same faeces different recepticle.


You see, British PM’s, politicians, police and Princes have been  blackmailed via the ISIS/MI5/6 and CIA peadophile/pederast network since the 70’s at least. A princess has even been murdered along with tv presenters and celebs who actually had morals, princilples, dignity and honour, traits being destroyed by the jewish owned medias, politicians, PM’s and their minions.

Now however, blackmail seems less relevant as party leaders are all….well……jewish

OK with that Britain?…….doesn’t effect you?……….your children….grandchildren?

Keep watching your TV, everything’s fine.

Nod, wink and thanx to the constables that spoke to me the other week, means a lot.


Benjavid….when you send your goons, don’t forget the Default Notice served on you in 2011, all nice ‘n’ safely stored.

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