Operation Yewtree, Bono, Geldof and the Criminally Insane


What most people see, are two heroic rock stars, ambassadors for peace and poverty fighters supreme, ignorance is bliss they say. What we, and now many many others are seeing, are two jewish agents of the crown, linked to traitors, war criminals, child abusers and generally the criminally insane, where it appears, they feel most at home.

Margaret Thatcher and Bob Geldof, c 1980s.bono

Geldof and Bono, being the egotistical, narcissistic, arrogant types they are, have endeavoured to mingle with the same genre of psychopathic kiddy fiddling scum since their careers  began. The use of words so far are not to be taken lightly, Treason, war crimes, child abuse and murder are not euphamisms, they are documented and easily linked to all the people mentioned in this blog,  Geldof’s career began, as many will not know, presenting a CBC program called Switchback, a childrens program,


Deja Vue?


Both Bono and Geldof have liased with Operation Yewtree gatekeepers; Thatcher, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, the Bush family and the Vatican, all linked to the aforementioned crimes.

_42384255_bono_bush_ap203101206_Bush_Bono_TurlingtonNot just liased, but very very close indeed.

The Oval office or private jet, nothing is too much trouble for our heroic rock stars.


What is becoming clear, is these faces of world leadership, have been blackmailed by the sayanim (those loyal to Israel and the setianist , talmudic preistcraft) by what is apparently a massive global child smuggling and abuse network. What the ‘elites’ hope has been covered up is being revealed, and many have died in the process, but once the light shines in, the truth has to emerge. Across the pond it surfaced briefly in the late 80’s with the accidental trapping of the President, in the UK, back to the 70’s at least, when Heath,  known to the spooks of the day as a boy buggerer and London parks loiterer, signed the EU1972 Act, Treason in anyones book except the gutless plod in the Met, and Norfolk police, no we ain’t forgot 1044 Francis, Inspector Haddow et al, right up to ex Chief Constable Gormless and their cowardice, but these things take time, and they will get theirs,  every PM since has been complicit in or compounded Treason.


Note the date; June 29th 1989…..sIX 11 IX ….9 11 9

Jewish Savile, of royal blood (inbred) and holder of the highest papal knighthood, (crusader) had British PM’s, police and politicians, along with many in the entertainment industry, under his disgusting thumb with the help of Mossads minions, MI5 and 6, supplying children to be abused and worse by the sick scum, filmed, photographed,then used to do the bidding of surrendering Britain to a foreign power, resulting in mass immigration, disarming the British via Dunblane,( another paedophile ring cover up),  diluting our culture and sending our children to fight and die in Israels wars, politically correct this and that, keeps all from daring to speak freely should someone be ‘offended’, and we must never, ever be anti-semitic, or we’ll off end the whole of Westminster, and those moral, consciencious media types.


(Jews are already well over 300% over-represented in Parliament,

All it takes to overcome the Jewish domination of 83%+ (est.) of the media is willpower, intelligence, timing and moral courage.

It is from these lands that Jewish Supremacists will be utterly exposed once and for all and our ancestral spirituality will arise, for the sake of the survival of our folk and all our folk worldwide.



Gay icons pushing the gay agenda  onto our tv screens, gay sex taught in schools and LGBT now perfectly normal, indeed paedophilia soon to be the norm with boy love day being designated to the solstices, the jews attempt to pervert, as is their nature, the true meaning of the solstices and represented by a blue ribbon. Watch for the likes of Yewtree arrests critic Stephen Fry, gay jew, child porn writer and friend of royalty to be sporting a nice pale blue ribbon. Don’t believe it? then you’re already submerged, just like those that laughed at idiots like me years ago, now having to swallow the truths of 911 and 7/7, and swallow their shame and stupidity with it, heads down, back to work, watch the telly,  pay the debts and don’t forget to vote.

ibldu2__boy_by_wedopix-d3jsfqvHewson knew how to feed his ego and further his career, the fact he’s married should not confuse, indeed his desire to pose as a women and kiss men should direct you to his real, hidden in plain sight desires, along with the company he keeps on the global stage is enough for any with a free mind to look further, after all he wasn’t the first by a long shot, Savile mentored the Beatles.

aaaaaaaaevil beates

Geldofs early links to childrens tv should also, in hindsight, point any in the direction of others of the same ilk, yet his mass of medals and knighthoods will prevent, for now at least, any prosecutions, we can hope however for the assassins employ for the scruffy, skinny little shit of a man, his involvement in the death of Michael Hutchence, and his bragging of being ”above the law” is being revenged on him with the death of his daughter, the brave Peaches who tried to expose the sick antics of another child tv presenter and ‘rock’ star, Ian Watkins of the Lost Prophets who was trying to procure  12 month old babies, his ex, of course knew nothing of his sick and twisted mind,  obviously her career continues to flourish as does others lacking in any form of a moral compass.


Mega_M_1901670aFearne Cotton, recently used her monster ex’s catchphrase ‘MEGA LOLZ’ in her BBC radio 1 show, mistakenly of course.

The paedo ring is global, sophisticated and well protected, Simon Cowells SYCO recently rumbled for employing a convicted child abuser, Cowell himself a poof is shitting himself over his ties to Max Clifford and his bailing out convicted child rapist Jonathan King,also a friend of jewish pervert Stephen Fry.

article-2093307-02D91F5C0000044D-291_634x4773539pqdYewtree gatekeeper, Traitor and convicted by Malaysia of war crimes, Blair, is good buddies with both pathetic little Bono  and slimy, smelly skeleton Geldof.

Their links go to royalty and papacy, as are many in the ‘entertainment’ industry.

Stephen Fry’s friend and QI regular jimmy carr, with loudmouthed prick Gallagher, fan of Savile, with upstart Bono, know exactly what is going on, all Groucho club members.

Did you ever see a chin more deserving of a solid right hook? oh to dream

bonoq9.23.99liamgallagerOn a refreshing note, Rolf Harris’ royal friendship did not protect him, so we do have light at the end of the tunnel, it is down to plod to continue finding their testacles and chase down these sick talmudic scum.

Though as said previously, many have been killed in coming forward to expose these crimes, the light is on them, it can never be put out only intensify, we must be vigilant with the state and crown’s psyops and minions in the ‘truth’ movement ,with the likes of Icke, Gerrish, Russell Brand and now Spivey being exposed for what they are, blogs like this one  are in danger of being shut down, the aforementioned sites continue to flourish, as do their ‘tours’ and ‘news shows’ and of course, their donations. Unlike spiv the div and his ”arrests” and  his unbacked up hard drives..pfff….and call for donations, we have everything backed up mutiple times in as many locations, it would be a pain but we can be up and running fairly quickly. However deadly, tis just a game, and playing it requires a free mind and the acceptance that death may come, but hey, it comes anyway, and who would want to live a life pretending this isn’t going on, not I.


Due diligence will show you why the other two Beatles were killed and McCartney and Starr live on, it should lead you to Crowley and full circle to Peaches Geldof, circles revolve as do revolutions, why they need to control the ‘truth’ movement should then be evident, we need to evolve, not revolve.



Hello little boy, do you like rock stars?!


How could children be smuggled round the globe without drawing attention and rising the suspicion of customs? just sayin!

To pretend it isn’t going on is naive, to pretend it’s not predominantly jews is stupidity;

Bonovisit-13freinds-reunitedGeldof is jewish via his mother, Bono, well, like Blair and other psychopaths, it’s about power and ego, money and fame, but most of all, it just suits them, they genuinely believe they are above you, literally, genetically, spiritually, in every way.

rabbi arthur schneier

kissStephen Fry has recently quit Twiter, in checking iceni-rising’s tweet timeline, we found tweets to Fry, and Cameron have been removed from the timeline. Fry can’t hide , he is literally down the road from , and attends Norwich City Football club regularly, so yes Steven, we will  see you one day ,remember when you ‘buggered’ off to Belgium? and who was that Norwich boy? just curious, and I ain’t no cat.

Robert Murat, during his time in Norfolk, was a frequent visitor to the Oasis Club at Thorpe St. Andrew, just outside Norwich. The Club was established by the late Harry Serruys, and is now owned and run by his son, Andre Serruys. One of Harry Serruys’s main contacts at the Oasis Club was the headteacher of a private high school at Happisburgh (pronounced Hazeboro) on the North Norfolk coast, who was investigated for child abuse.

A member of Harry Serruys’ circle at the Oasis Club – John Brunton – owns a pub in Thorpe St Andrew.

In 2000, when Reggie Kray was released from prison because he was dying, Brunton took him in to his pub in Thorpe St Andrew, near Norwich.

“Some of the boys were obtained via a close friend of Benjamin Britten, in London…”He named Britten as one of the beneficiaries of the ‘service’.

“Other’customers’ included Lord Boothby (who frequently shared boys with Ronnie Kray himself) and the record producer Joe Meek.

“At least two other people died in the aftermath of Bernard’s murder as the twins sealed up the leaks.”

Benjamin Brittan worked for the CIA (a.nolen) and the Kray Twins had links to MI5.

John le Carré was a British spy.

Tony McSweeny

Father Tony McSweeny was the ‘part-time’ chaplain at Norwich City Football Club.

Father Tony McSweeney, 66, a Catholic priest, and John Stingemore, 70, a former deputy head of Grafton Close were arrested by detectives investigating allegations that a top people’s paedophile ring abused Grafton Close boys at the Elm Guest House boy brothel in London.


You should be safe for now Mr Fry, under the shade of a Yewtree with your tiffany lamp, but when the leaves, leave, Britain will see your true hues, and when Britain sees your links to true England roses, Diana, Dando and the late, great and truly loved Rik Mayall, well…….you already feel it don’t you, like a churning in your gut….waking in the night sweating…dreading the random confrontation of  bloggers and activists….or worse, the knock to the door to see a new breed of Policeman, brave and honourable, under oath and pissed at you and your ilk….it’s only a matter of time.

stephen-fry-courtesy-of-azlHewson’s and Geldof’s links to this disgusting arena we find ourselves in, are for all to see, though all who look deeper will see more, as has been, and will continue to be true, it’s unequivocal that the numbers and levels of awareness are increasing, and that should give us hope.

That Michael Hutchence died on 22/11/97, a favourite date of the Noahides, and 2 months, 23 days from the Boston Brakes hit on Diana, at the tunnel dedicated to Diana, the moon goddess and a place of sacrifice for centuries, should stir even the least curious mind.


bonoforeignrelations 031007


hughie-green-bbc-and-daughter-paula-yatesBill-Gates-and-BonoVaccinate ’em Bill


In the meantime, we’ll let their arrogance continue their exposure.


You’ll note Hewson seems to signal he is of the right hand path, I would beg to differ; he may think the Rabbinical has the answer, then he is fooled, not too difficult for his type. The truth is sealed; Hermetically, from the egotistical, power hungry types, he is of the left hand path and will never know it…..You’re going down Hewson, not up to the light.


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