What White Widow? Woolwich Witnesses a Wot a Wrangled Web

lewthrrigbySamantha Lewthwaite…Rebecca Rigby…the White Widow or whatever you want to call it/her, is indeed a tangled web; she/it was married to…huhum, London 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, she/it, recently went to fight with Israeli Secret Intelligence Service; ISIS, in Ukraine, after recently remarrying into the family of Musa Dheere; a top Al Qaeda (CIA/ISIS/MI6)warlord…are you laughing too?…i’ll try to stop now.

25-Lewthwaite-EPANo doubt one day the truth will emerge, for now though, anyones guess will be just that, what was predictable, as with 9/11 and up to Sandy Hook, Boston and now Woolwich and the recent Ottowa false flag,  they are dead people walking, hey….live by the Sword….good enough we say.




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