Edwina Curry, ”I’m a Paedo Protector, Get Me Out of Here”


Sicko jewess, friend of Jimmy Savile and paedo MP Peter Morrison to name just two, is going into the jungle for ”I’m a celebrity get me out of here”, Curry’s real name is Cohen, fewer more disgusting females have walked these isles of ours, and encouraged then protected by any means, the activity of the global multi billion pound child porn industry.

As always, do your homework, though the uk cointel sites reveal almost  the same, do they ever mention the jewish angle? do they reveal they themselves are mostly jewish or sayanim?


With Operation Yewtree gatekeepers being promoted on the mainstream, the agenda is on course, almost subliminal propaganda sometimes, yet it’s happening, desensitise peadophilia, eventually it’ll be the norm, almost acceptable by the goyim, poor paedo’s have an illness, they can’t help it. Done your research on Germany, pre Hitler?

Or read the Talmud?

A FORMER female MP was involved in a paedophile network at the heart of Government, police have been told by abuse victim Andrew Ash.  The Sunday Express reports his story linked here and below.

There is much speculation about the identity of the female MP involved. The contenders are 1) Margaret Thatcher close friend of peadophile Sir Jimmy Savile but now deceased 2) VIrginia Bottomly wife of Monday Club member Peter Bottomly who was named on the Elm Guest House List won a by election in 1984 3) Harriet Harman who wanted the age of consent lowered and  supported PIE 4) Ann WInterton racist Monday Club member. In the lead is Edwina Currie who together with her lover John Major Prime  Minister was responsible for bankrupting Scallywag magazine. Major PM perjured himself by lying   to the court that he was not having an affair and won huge libel damages, At that time Scallywag was running features on Elite Tory Peadophiles. Edwina Currie also admitted she knew Peter Morrision MP was a paedophile.  Edwina was also a close friend of Jimmy Savile    read more on Edwina Currie

Lied to the Court  to bankrupt Scallywag Magazine

Edwina Currie  former Derbyshire MP is also a pal of the Chief constable of Derby  Mick Creedon who stole the child abuse evidence from whistle-blower Andrea Davison


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