“100 Months To Save The World”, Prince Charles, Purim and The Second Temple.

Since posting the video in my last post, which took close to 40 hours to do, this blogs ratings seem to be dropping, it was meant as a laugh, tongue in cheek kinda thing, but hey, I reckon I should write a more serious piece.

Whilst in the chat on Fetcho’s, Inside The Eye Live, we were discussing or rather, questioning why the Royals of Britain have not visited Israel.

Throughout the next week it got me thinking back to a speech made by Charles in Rio in 2009, I was doing speech analysis of the elites back then, whenever a major speech was made at this conference or that summit, I, and others would then breakdown the reverse speech to see if messages were encoded and being conveyed.

Though the speech itself was related to climate change, supposedly, or exoterically, the “100 months” line from Chaz was I believed then, and now, significant. I will have the speech on an old drive, but from memory I can’t recall the reverse speech message, or honestly if there was one. It’s easy enough to do with Audacity, the software available free on Linux, as for windows I’m not sure.

It’s an area that can take you to some very dark places, satanism and black magic, channelling and daemon summoning, not a nice place to research but very enlightening in some ways. I don’t cover the subject matter at all on this blog I don’t think, but it’s an area I do try to keep up on as it links to the controlled opposition of David Icke and his shapeshifting lizard queen, us being mind controlled from the hollow moon and all that jazz, it sells books, tours and dvd’s, and still they suck it up. It will also lead you into the intelligence agencies and military links to satanism, mind control and black magic, freemasonry and witchcraft and some very interesting areas.

The main reason for not writing about the daemonic/satanic side to the coin is mainly because it is so hard to verify for sure, it’s unequivocal that major musicians and magicians channel and use reverse speech in their music, As a one time huge Bob Dylan fan, aka Robert Zimmerman, I remember his interview admitting he sold his soul in exchange for his earthly desires, ” To the god of this world, and the world we can’t see”, Zeppelin and Deep Purple having hidden messages reversed in their music, to modern day puppets like Obama’s “yes we can” chanted by millions of goy in his campaigns, reversed as I’m sure many will know, is “Thankyou satan”…I know, but its real and they do it all the time. Jimmy Savile, of royal blood would have several catchphrases, unknowingly to the masses, were spells right out of the dark side, of witchcraft that is, not star wars, though the film itself is an esoteric masterpiece and very relevant to this topic, Savile, Knight of the Realm, knight commander of St Gregory and knight of Malta is easily confirmed, harder to find, and understand for many, is Savile was a seventh son, born on halloween, I don’t do spooky but this esoteric information is where to look if you choose to, I’m digressing, my point being, there are forces at work which almost all cannot even begin to get their heads round, as has always been the way, and always will be.

If you do dig, you may encounter said forces, you may not,  if you do, you’ll know, and you’ll feel it, and that takes us back to being able to verify the research, it’s a journey you can’t really blog about, but good has been fighting evil for millennia, and it ain’t a God V’s Satan as the Torah/Talmud would have you believe, that’s just the ‘spell’ ing of the words, but man, tricked by this deluge of darkness has been at war for the same millennia, genociding the middle east, just a continuing of the crusades, the genocide of the Russians by the Bolshevic jews to the tune of almost 60 million, and the now genociding the white race, by mass immigration and the destruction of sovereign nations’ boundaries, cultures and customs, scaring the B’jesus out of the masses with their film, tv and press machines, keeping the big bad boogy man fresh in the minds of the goy, who easily surrender a little more freedom at a time, for a bit more ‘security’. Such a pity more people can’t ” reckon the number of the beast”.

Pre 9/11 research for me was this area, linking the bloodlines and Royals to the ‘satanic’ , biblical prophecy area,the masonic ritual murders of JFK and Diana,  back then the internet was a very different beast, libraries were a big part of research then far more than now. The coat of arms for the prince of wales and it’s mirror of the beasts of revelation, from memory it was a ‘Cohen’ who wrote The Anti Christ and a cup of Tea which  covered this kind of study, and Bush’s ” There is a prophecy that is meant to be fulfilled” speech all ties in and makes me think about my early research and the chat in Fetcho’s show last week.

prince_charles_blackcrest There is an end game, we know it’s for total control over the masses, total being the operative word, a global government, army, police, judicial system. Maintain humanity at half a billion,which itself should make you sit up and listen, as we’re at around 7 billion on this planet, to maintain it at half a billion by my maths is the culling of the heard by 6.5 billion, ….conspiracy theory of course,  as is making all land owned by the elites, and the surfs/goy owning nothing, travel clamped down on big stylie, and even owning a car will be affordable to a limited few. Taxes through the roof to keep you financially controlled and increased surveillance, if that’s possible, to monitor your every move, The smart meters should have you very very concerned, not just the radiation side but their surveillance potential is truly Orwellian. All verifiable and documented if you look hard enough, Agenda 21, the green agenda and Monsanto in full swing, especially indoctrinated into the ‘education system’ of our children, we won’t go into the gay/peado agenda, but ask yourself why our ‘schools’ don’t teach our children about Germany, especially Berlin pre Hitler, the jews had turned it into a cess pit of perversion, oh no, History is written by the victors for sure, and don’t Nazi (not see) me, I do see…C R YS TAL.

If we agree that’s the end game, It’s also documented a prophecy must be fullfilled, what is the deadline? if you listen, or speak to many other researchers, you’ll know the little spanners thrown into the works by the good guys  over the years, and the awakening thanks to the alternative media, have thrown the elites off track in a big way, false flags rumbled, psyops and media trickery/lies exposed etc, This is where, I believe jug lugs and his speech comes in

100monthsThe above page was posted on the 7th March 2009, telling us of his speech to be delivered on Thursday, the 12th of March 2009, (sIX/11) this date is Purim, the jewish festival so stained with the blood of the gentile over millennia, the jews scream blood libel to try to hide and deceive as to the true meaning of their ritual murders, question them in any way and ‘anti-semite’ is bellowed from the roof tops, yet confirmed and documented many times over, the blood of a gentile, usually a boy is used to make the bread for these sick depraved psychopaths, torture beyond belief is also well documented during the ritual, indeed is the main reason, along with usury , that jews were expelled from so many countries, England included until Cromwell let em back in, though I think I’m right in saying the edict still stands today.

When we look at the amount of missing children every year, it has to be seriously considered, the jews control the medias, all of em, the banks, politicians via their pederast and treason blackmail, and Police and judiciary the same, with the added power of the various brotherhoods hijacked by the rabbinical/setianist teachings, the UK truth movement however will divert away from the jewish question with the likes of Gerrish’s UK Column tellin you it’s the satanists and common purpose, be clear they are all in the god squad, main voice truthers that is, hence torah/talmudic in their belief systems/cognition, and clearly spook run and financed.

Charles again, in July 2009 on the 8th, made a second speech saying we have 96 months to save the world, (8th/July/2009…8+7=15…2009=11…=9/11)

96monthsApart from the obvious, or exoteric message, if we look between the lines, for the esoteric, a different potential emerges; And in a searing indictment on capitalist society, Charles said we can no longer afford consumerism and that the “age of convenience” was over.

Convenience for whom jug lugs? will one be getting rid of one’s palaces and billions? …..one most certainly will not,

He confided last night: “We face the dual challenges of a world view and an economic system that seem to have enormous shortcomings, together with an environmental crisis – including that of climate change – which threatens to engulf us all.”

We just heard mention of this world view by cousin to the Queen, Benyavid Netenyameron, and envoironmental crisis and climate can have dual meanings, the envoironment and climate could easily refer to the comfy status quo of these inbreds and their ilk, god forbid this world view, as he put it should threaten the said status quo, the waking masses will never happen, but it’s accepted that 12-15% is enough to turn the tables on their plans, so visible now and in the open.

So yep jug lugs, shortcomings indeed, the pederast, child rapists, traitors and war criminals in your ranks now being exposed more and more each day, these shortcomings will be enormous and it’s not if, but when.

Looking deeper into the message, the second speech where he says 96 months was given  118 days (10) after the speech on Purim, or 3 months and 26 days (11), on the….yep you guessed it, the  jewish festival of Tzom Tammuz;


tzomtamThe destruction of the second temple and the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem, significant?….I’d say, and coincidentally the 100 months jug lugs warned us of takes us to the same date used for the second speech, Tzom Tammuz in July 2017.

So Purim and Tzom Tammuz in 2017 appear to be of concern to the inbreds, looking at the numbers, Purim 2009 to Purim 2017 is 96 months, knowing the cypher of the illuminatus, 96 is 66, it is also 8 years exactly, 8 being the H and X column making this HeX, or spell?, it is 417  weeks 3 days (15=6) and exactly 2922 days (15=6).

That to me at least gives us 66 66, so looking at the 100 months to July 2017 ,we see that is also 8 years and 4 months (12, confirming the date of Tzom Tammuz? and 1+2=3, the sum of 1-3 =6) and 434 weeks 6 days (11 & 6…11/9 and/or 17=8, that HeX again), and also 3044 days (11). to me again that encodes 6 666 66, as looking to belly of the snake for the last 11, a 1 is a 6.

To answer the original question though, why havn’t the royals visited Israel? well, in a way they have, Cameron, scumbag extraordinaire just did, and he’s blood related to the inbreds, on business of course, when? you ask, why Purim of course;


Enjoy your bread Dave?….sick, pathetic little man.


Gotta keep them taxes coming in, is this the consumerism and convenience jug lugs was talking about, I reckon in almost 3 years we’ll find out, remember the whore must have her throne back, Babylon stylie.





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