Awake or A Wake? The Time is Upon Us.


For the record; I don’t do this to make friends, indeed it distances people to a degree, I don’t do this to make money, in fact the opposite is true, even required to begin with; and potentially can be long term. I can earn good money as a bricklayer should I choose, but I choose to work part time, I have turned away offers of donations on this blog; I don’t want to do this with my time, if I anger people, good, they should be feckin angry, when people laugh, I have destroyed them verbally in seconds, then it  can get really heated: Truth hurts, c’est la vie. Nowadays I just inwardly smile as often as I can,  I’m learning to keep shtum, pick and choose when to fight,  on occasion laugh with them, but turn it on the reality of how little they understand, then watch the brain freeze, I don’t want  to do this, yet I know I have no choice.

It is beyond any words to describe how wrong, to not expose the game afoot, that is kept for the apathetic and the afraid, and obviously for the contradiction in terms that are the ‘elites’; they that use the lies  to genocide, pervert, enslave and dumb down. lodge

We are getting royally rogered and have been for ever, Agenda 21, a Jew world order after population reduction, do nothing?…..suicide, morally, ethically, spiritually

Are you Awake or A Wake?

Brit ish military and police know who did 911 and 7/7, unfortunately most are so heavily conditioned they cannot or will not see it, some are just plain old apathetic and don’t really care; The ” nothing I can do about it ” line we see all too often, then we have the psychopaths, the minority, thankfully, but they exist, in roughly the same numbers as the Awake, the general consensus is around 12-15% is needed in any given society for change to happen; the rest become the Wake.

Plod have just asked, ever so nicely pretty please, ” would the medias mind awfully scaling back on coverage of the next false flag”..err sorry…terrorist siege:

policepoopingitInteresting he said “siege”, as if he kinda knew dontcha think?

Whoreton who holding that masonic globe….wot a testacle, worry not plod, you’re not all gutless wonders, blackmailed by the shadows of a Yewtree; rest assured the good guys among you, the spooks and  SF will release all we need, and we’ll have it online quicker than your masonic jewish masters can muddle up some laughable narrative, to be sucked up by the Shombies. (sheep/zombie)

It’s looking as if the Paris false flag may not have been a Mossad/Shin Bet op, partly as a Rothschild says it was, which I posted for obvious reasons, and other reasons which  cannot yet be confirmed.

Signs are showing we’ll have a biggy in London soon, I’d wager around Purim, could be wrong, hope so; but the time is upon us, If you’re Awake, stand up and be counted,  lets show the 77th some stuff they couldn’t come across outside the mainstream, if your A Wake, then fade away, the ship has sailed.

The jewish medias make so many balls ups, you can’t help but laugh, the BBC in this case recently had Noah Pozner, who was shot 11 times (yawn) at Sandy Hook, die a second time in Pakistan, no wonder those in the shadows are in a tiz….idiots.


Sandy Hook was a massive psyop to try and disarm the yanks, like our DUnblane, I wrote a fair bit at the time and did a few videos, I can not go into the beeb or for that matter any media here in my home city, they know me, they know i’ll film and will just keep shtum, Has anyone else gone into the medias here? or the Police? or contacted their MP? …..Na….why? they are a wake; left behind, not awake, fear has them by the kahunas and is squeezing, the saddest part: They don’t even know it.

Britain is under attack from within, Traitors are inside the gates, unfortunately for them, we’re inside the walls with them, and we ain’t lost a war since 1066, once the plod and military are Awake… a goodun.


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