Laurence Easeman: Red Ice Radio; The People Vs The Banks.

Laurence Easeman was on Red Ice Radio with Henrik back in November, I caught the interview the other day and was, as always, dubvious of up and coming or, established prominent voices. Russell Brand and Peter Tatchell’s marxists mugs adorn the Red Ice Radio image which, if your’e in the know would make you sit back and think before taking the interview seriously. However, after sitting through nearly 3 hours I decided to share this quite optimistic chat.

Henrik always has all sides of the argument on the go on Red Ice, and rightly so, a debate can not be a debate unless all sides are covered, free speech is not free speech unless all sides are covered; a hypothesis cannot be tested accurately unless all extraneous variables are accounted for.

Laurence appealed for a few reasons, but mainly for me he has walked the walk, and now talks the talk; the ‘truth’ movement is as we know an industry, many make much moola spouting this ‘n’ that, and many many suck up said ‘this ‘n’ that’; people need to be led and as Laurence rightly says, the jewish owned mainstream medias use celebrity worship to dumb down, sedate, and it’s the same in the ‘truth’ industry.

I am attacked for pointing the finger at Icke, Brand, Spivey, Gerrish etc etc; the same was true of me 5 or 6 years ago for Jones, Rudkowski et al, but now is common knowledge and accepted; First they laugh at you, then they get angry, then they accept it, then they say they always knew it…yawn.

I have not payed Tax for 5 years since coming off benefits, ( and getting myself back to fitness and work) and I havn’t filed a tax return for 3 years after serving an affidavit on the HMRC; I havn’t heard a peep from them

I have travelled in my own property without Tax, Insurance, Number plates; was stopped by the policy enforcers and my property removed; I still have a full clean licence, was not arrested, fined, summoned, nothing; I havn’t heard a peep from them.

I reported treason and removed my consent to be goverened in 2010, Then reported the officers for misprision of treason; I havn’t heard a peep from them.

I have lost count of the flyers and posters about chemtrails, geo-engineering, water fluoridation, false flags, wi-fi, paedophile rings and on and on that i’ve handed out at colleges, the UEA, libraries and even door to door over the last 5 or 6 years, and yes your right, I havn’r heard a peep from them either.

I lost my home to a fraudulent council and court hearing, ruled by a Judge, solicitor and council officer acting out of office; I lost my car to fraudulent police officers acting out of office; Laurence is the first I’ve come across walking the walk, instead of typing the type, refreshing and encouraging, yet I agree with what he says as I said in my last post: Awake or A Wake, The Time Is Upon Us: ” We need to wake up very quickly”, the powers that be, the cultural marxist, jewish agenda is in full swing against the people of these Isles, Europe, indeed the world, they are so desperate and know the people are waking, their actions will be ever more dangerous. Though I also agree that their time is nigh after nearly a century of pushing hard their protocols, their grip is unequivocally waning.

My point being, listen to the interview and I think you’ll see, when you lose the fear, understand your immense power over the state, and stand under your sovereignty; the sense of liberation is without words.

Come on Norwich, wakey wakey, historically we are the Iceni, we kicked the shite out of the invaders; time to do it again, peacefully this time, with honour and dignity, these are OUR lands, not the jewish oligarchs, the banks, or the crowns and it’s minions.


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