Russell Brand, The KISS.

                                      Keep It Simple Stupid

Narcisisstic wonker

Narcisisstic wonker

Brand made it to the Holy Wood big time due to his talent for being a cock.


If and when he can keep his brains in his trousers, he’s been voted worst dressed celeb thingy, I C black and white, with a noose and one leg!


enteredappWe’ve already seen him shake hands with her Maj;



Brand is  very friendly with the inbreds.


Quite Interestingly; Brand shares some very unsavoury friends with links to the peadophile / pederast sympathisers:


Brand wants a revolution, he invited a panel to discuss the idea around his book launch; members of the panel were:

Stephen Fry and Peter Tatchell among others; Stephen Fry is jewish, he wrote a play about a man’s love for a boy; as for Tatchell….

03927-stephenfrypeter tatchell

The debate was cancelled due to Laurence Easemans political views, to find out who rules over you, simply ask who may not criticise. Laurence Easeman debates usury and the jewish question. Obviously the jewish cultural marxists used the ‘Nazi’ tag for such an event, much like they use the Holohoax when required.

_49854677_pobcowellpaBrand partied with closet gay Cowell, Cowell bailed peadophile King with £50.000 of his own cash back in the day. More recently Cowell donated £100.000 to the child killers; the Israeli Defence Forces. Simon Cowell is about as low as they come. Much like his close pal Max Clifford he thinks he is to big to fall, but we know his time will come, sooner than later.

cowellCowell is scum, he owns the X-Factor; The X Factor is said to be  Royal Arch degree mind control,  it is out there if you wish to look.


tatchellPeado/pederast supporter Tatchell in front of a very Royal Arch, and it aint a religious thing, he was placed there by his handlers, Tatchell’s an atheist:

tatcell atheist

Brand also has the X factor

brand_x_with_russell_brand_ver3Adding and multiplying the times on the clocks we see  the 66 66.

3:20=5 or 23 or 6….. 4:20=6 or 24 or 8…. and on…..the total of these sums to:

45 for the first column, 153 for the second and 66 for the last…4+5=9….1+5+3=9, sIX’s are IX’s and vice versa…

45 is the sum of THE digits, the sum of 1-45 =1035 (153 with the 0 silent)

153 is a very interesting number indeed, suitably for Brand it is a narcissistic number, 153 is also the sum of 1-17, Quite interesting as the cypher shifts at Q, the 17th letter. Sum 1-153 and we see 11519….this cyphers 6666

66 is the sum of 1-11, as snake eyes it must concur. Sum  1-66 and we get 2211, again, 6’s

When totalled, the columns seem to confirm the cypher, for example 3:20 on the clock is 5…23….or 6 as 3*2, so 5+23+6=34….and 7 as 3+4….do this with all the clocks and they total 264 and 48.

264=12 and 48=12…24….Confirming the 24th letter and the Xfactor, which agrees with the 6/28 FX logo is the bottom left…..6 is obvious….2+8=10 is Pi as the diameter and the circumfrence, and F as we know being in column 6, then X as the 24th giving 2+4=6….so 666 either side of Pi, to round it off nicely 12 and 12 is 3+3 and 264+48=312 which is 6 and 33 which is what made me look at this in the first place.


Is Brand monarch mind controlled or signalling like his ex Katie Perry, that he’d like to ”join the iluminati”?  Icke is pretty much accepted as an MI5/6 plant amongst serious researchers in the tangled web that is the ‘truth industry’, and with a dirty secret in my opinion, here they are at the Groucho club, where Fry and Liam Gallagher, among other admirers of Savile frequent.

A website for paedophilia was found linked to the Groucho club.

Dirty and dellusional

Dirty and dellusional

Remember the clocks, 153 was between 6 and 66, 153 is the sum of 17; where the cypher shifts…Q

flight attQ begins the angram of satan, inside Q we see ‘OF A’ ; O is the 15th letter/number and has the right to remain silent, though it is 6 as 1+5….Fand V are at column 6 in the cypher and A is at 1, turn the die and under a 1 is a 6…so inside the Q leading satan of QANTAS we see 666….SSHHH.


brandpoofOwen Bedall, the author of Qantas confessions , with Brand, is your gaydar beeping? Bedall is  pals with Kylie, and jewish so called musician Lilly Allen among others; Allens father Keith did the banned film about the death of Diana, it was a diversion from the knowledge Diana had regarding the Buckingham palace/ Westminster/BBC paedo/pederast rings, Diana was also about to be an ambassador for Palestine.

allenshhkylie sshh                           Too much?….women don’t like younger boys?

cheryl-cole_glamour-6jan14_insta_b_639x426                                       Cheryl Cole judged who had the X factor

PICEDITOR-SMHAs for Brand and the company he keeps, the simple way to test his true colours, which to most is obviously the rainbow stripes of the cultural marxist LGBT, and lowering the age of consent to the talmudic ideal; is to ask them who was behind 911

His Queer Qantas buddies are clear on that:

confessions911                                                  ISRAEL DID 911

LGBT and the jewish cultural marxists are genociding the white indigenous British people, and the european whites, mass immigration and the breaking doen of our cultures and customs. Political correctness has everyone in fear of being racist or homophobic, Icenirising like diversity:

the-only-diversity-i-like1                              Guns? are you mad? ….do some research!

555687_533410003363953_2016727456_n1Brits were disarmed by paedophile protector, traitor and war criminal Blair; with the lie that is Dunblane, we the people have the right to keep and bear arms under the Magna Carta and English common law, the firearms act is just that, an act that you consent to, Thats not to say all and sundry should have firearms.


Standing under common law is about responsibilty, not soley about rebellion;



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