Andreas Lubitz and Germanwings 9525; KISS.

I’ve been on this for days now and boy are the zio/jewish media digging a big hole for themselves, there can be no doubt whatsoever this is a false flag,  but as usual; the trolls, shills and moneymakers in the alternative media are spinning the same tangled web.

A depressed, suicidal pilot, a muslim convert (incase they need to pull the ‘terrorist’ card, a jew would never be called such a thing) decides to crash Germanwings 4U 9525 killing all on board, women and children, babies, oh, and one Israeli included.

Lubitz is a patsy,

Keep it simple stupid,  although there is 777 all over this event, I’ll not go into a number fest yet, some are saying the plane debris has been placed there as per flight 93 in Shanksville and the pentagon on 911, possibly; but that wouldn’t explain the French fighter escorts and ”dynamite” like sound heard from witnesses, coincidentally removed by the Mail, but not quick enough for good ‘ol tin foil hat nutjobs:

fighterescortAfter they realised,  or intentionally telling us?

nofighterWe are not being told Lubitz is jewish, what were Chabad doing there at all? never mind  so quick!

chabadAnd wtf are they on about; ”part of a window and a star from a pilots uniform”?!

chabad1Chabad will have ‘spoken’ to witnesses, especially those who saw the fighter escorts and heard the explosion or “dynamite” like sound, who and where are those witnesses? as for the wreckage, I reckon they didn’t get the memo:

debrisFrom the traitorous war criminals and pederasts at the BBC; have I mentioned it’s jewish owned?  window and a star from a pilots uniform huh?

dnaForget flights MH370 and MH17, the French built plane that crashed in France under escort from French fighters and investigated by the French rozzers, have already isolated DNA of 78 victims, amazing!

If you’re not sitting down for the next pic, do so, I nearly choked laughing at the two questions remaining in the eyes of the shitty little propaganda and paedophile network: The BBC

bbc9525Oh….laugh, not the fighter escorts, not Chabad on site at the speed of sound, not the cockpit misinfo, the list is endless…..nope,  murder suicide and who was Lubitz… can tell it’s run by jews just by the pure incompetence of it all.

Speaking of cockpit misinfo, I’ve been careful as much of the info available is from the usual spooky and/or sayanim truther sites, you know, the end is nigh crowd and we’re all doomed sorta thing; we should all look for ourselves and we’ll continue searching, bearing in mind also, the 77th brigade are out and about running psyops and misinfo campaigns.

11q_157Make your own mind up, the MSM want you to think the pilot was using an axe when he and the whole crew knew the code to overide the lock, here’s the pdf for the Airbus in question:



Thumb up: 1591=16=7……4408=16=7………77

As at the belly of the snake and the roll of the die, a 1 is a 6 and a sIX is a 9; so 16 and 16 is also 66 66

4U 9525….For You   21=7+7+7, add the 4 from the 4U to the 9525 and it’s 25=7.

andreas-lubitz1380 is 12, look both ways ….21=7+7+7…… 1 11 (3+8) 0=666..tin foil hat?

lubitz74+3=? remember S EVE N is 666? the runners behind at the right time, add to 7 either way you look: 19+15=34=7 or 1+9=10 plus 1+5=6 is 10+6=16 is 1+6=7.

Not to say 666 and S EVE N is the satan devil worshipping anti christ torah baloney, look at the construct not the usage, just cos the psychopaths who currently run the show utilise the code, they cannot ever de story the truth; let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the BE AS T…..

This is how they communicate, back as far as ww2 the spooks of the day used the BBC world service, you’ll agree; to think they do different today is naive, it’s just far more advanced and esoteric, but it’s hidden in plain sight; Lubitz has been set up from the get go; as of now: April 2nd 2015, the MSM are now saying, due to the cockpit lies being rumbled by us good ol conspiracy nuts, that Lubitz was….wait for it…studying the cockpit mechanism, among other stuff trying to counter the alternative research.

This will deepen and go on for a long time, but as with all their other war crimes, false flags and endless lies, we’ll do our best to bring it home as real as possible with the time and resources available….most importantly…..lose the fear,

Update: 3rd April 2015


The day before, just like Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon, 911 was predicted/communicated decades before the event:

predictedcrashIf you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole as they say, though most don’t care, you should research Mossad front companies such as Athena and their connections to Siemens and it’s SCADA systems, you will arrive at London 7/7 and 911 at some point, certainly MH370 and MH17, of course the jewish medias want you to think Putin did it…..ppff, am I being anti-semitic again?


tom mendelsohn

Pathetic little man

Anti-white jew Tom Mendelsohn, racist cultural marxist formerly of the Telegraph.

update; 4/4/2015:


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