Andreas Lubitz and Germanwings 9525; KISS.

Updated 3rd April 2015

Iceni Rising

I’ve been on this for days now and boy are the zio/jewish media digging a big hole for themselves, there can be no doubt whatsoever this is a false flag,  but as usual; the trolls, shills and moneymakers in the alternative media are spinning the same tangled web.

A depressed, suicidal pilot, a muslim convert (incase they need to pull the ‘terrorist’ card, a jew would never be called such a thing) decides to crash Germanwings 4U 9525 killing all on board, women and children, babies, oh, and one Israeli included.

Lubitz is a patsy,

Keep it simple stupid,  although there is 777 all over this event, I’ll not go into a number fest yet, some are saying the plane debris has been placed there as per flight 93 in Shanksville and the pentagon on 911, possibly; but that wouldn’t explain the French fighter escorts and ”dynamite” like sound heard…

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