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We all know DEMOS writes the speeches for the Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP front men, politics is just the first of many veils to be lifted if you want to rise above the deluge. The up and coming ‘election’ is a fraudulent one as always, at least since the early 1900’s, and certainly since the treasonous 1972 act, we should in reality be able to ‘elect’, but in truth we ‘select’; from the selected puppets. Truth does not, cannot fear investigation, the truth is out there and the aforementioned puppets are getting scared, it’s visible in their actions; their words; you can smell it.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my accounts of late, subscribers, hits, that kinda thing, Twitter in particular is really getting fiddled with, my emails confirm new followers, yet the number never really moves on my Twitter page, it’s been around the 305-315 figure for a few years, according to my emails however it should be way way  higher. I confess to being no tech wiz, I’m not as brilliant on a puter as I’d like to be and I sometimes miss the obvious, this may be another case, but I screenshot and back up everything nowadays, in multiple locations on multiple drives, all encrypted, especially my paperwork to Cameron, Queenie, the Police and High Sheriffs; should plod come knocking, I have everything safe with people I trust implicitly; I’m almost digressing, it’s bank holiday Monday and I wanted to keep this quick:

I tweeted dave the other day and it was not on my feed so I thought I’d post it, we know he’s trying to use the ‘porn’ block to restrict site access, trying to block all sites that are exposing….well…the truth, be it treason, false flags, war crimes, paedophile networks etc etc ad infinitum.


Is it Dave’s handlers, his PA or whatever they’re called, or is it the 77th brigade, not that I care, I find it quite amusing, anyhoo, the Tweet:


If you look to my tweet feed thing you’ll see it aint there, or this one:


No sense of humour or did I off end a jew? ppff, 77th or whoever, if they thin they’r controlling it, they’re wrong, the world is waking and his minions will get hung out to try, the truth is the truth, simple.


Tis Monday, and I have things planned.



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