Alistair McGowen Plays His Idol: Jimmy Savile.


His Idol? I hear you scream, in his own words, my response, not literally, but this smug looking fuckwit of a man, dirty little twisted faced, hooked nose weed of a man, has in his own words said he only plays people : “I do people I respect, like, want to be.”

Heard here at 15 minutes in:

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I’m literally spiting fire, who the fuck do these sick twisted scummy liitle bastards think they are, I sincerely hope a twitter campaign or something along those lines begins, and all who attend, take part in, or are involved with this disgusting ‘art’, in any way , have their names dragged through the shit and their faces pelted with it as they attend the play, words literally fail me.

Just 5 minutes searching and the usual suspects appear, of course; they had no idea Savile was what he turned out to be; utter bullshit, these dirty little ego’s, these twisted degenerate celebrities deserve to be stripped of all they own and thrown onto section 43’s in a maximum security prison, I had no idea my fuckin arse McGowen you horrible scum sucking pig of a person, and you Evans you egocentric ginger twat, an insult to ginger people with true celtic, indegenous british blood, you are an oxygen thief and shall die a lonely, hated man, man; pppffff, scum. Nicky Campbell; ditto, another egocentric DJ who happened to donate his fee after Savile had been rumbled, when all in the BBC knew of Savile going back way over a decade,  a forgone conclusion of which none dare speak, complicit cowards one and all.

campbellsavilefeecampsavfeeYou’ll note the time and date has Masonic stamps all over it, you’ll also note if you’re up to speed, Masons were all over Savile’s funeral

evanssavileWake up Britain, they’re taking the piss right in front of your eyes.

Funny that the same ugly hooked faced McGowen who idolises Savile, also dislikes Jeremy Clarkson:

That is the Alistair McGowen who refused to portray Jeremy Clarkson ‘because he finds his politics and everything he stands for repugnant’.

I’m seeing a pattern emerge.

Apologies for the language, I’m livid and words are failing me, I fall back into hairy arsed bricklayer mode every now and then.

Update: 11/4/2015:

” I do people I respect, like, want to be”


maitland jewish

Surprise surprise;  A BBC employed jew thinks the British public are ‘ready’ for his ‘play’,

Meanwhile, the list of Jewish-authored and/or Jewish promulgated political and cultural products operating in the West just goes on growing.  It includes:-

Classical Marxism
Revolutionary internationalism
Critical Theory
Second-wave Feminism
Second-Wave Libertarianism
Gay Rights/LBGT Rights
American Civil Rights
Human Rights
White Privilege/White Abolitionism
Agitation for open borders and mass immigration
Academic race-denial
Encouragement for white race-mixing
Exploitation of the Holocaust narrative
Israel Lobby
Promulgation of hate speech law
Internet pornography
Negative imagery of whites on US film and TV
Anti-white bias in US media reporting


Maitland writes for the Jewish Chronicle; coincidence?


Thatcher, Netenyahu, Kissinger,Geldof, Blair;

Is your stomach not turning?

A stupid man is not he who doesn’t know, it is he who doesn’t want to know.



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