Alistair McGowen Plays His Idol: Jimmy Savile.

Updated:11/4/2015, I f you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

Iceni Rising


His Idol? I hear you scream, in his own words, my response, not literally, but this smug looking fuckwit of a man, dirty little twisted faced, hooked nose weed of a man, has in his own words said he only plays people : “I do people I respect, like, want to be.”

Heard here at 15 minutes in:

Thanks to ;  for that link.

I’m literally spiting fire, who the fuck do these sick twisted scummy liitle bastards think they are, I sincerely hope a twitter campaign or something along those lines begins, and all who attend, take part in, or are involved with this disgusting ‘art’, in any way , have their names dragged through the shit and their faces pelted with it as they attend the play, words literally fail me.

Just 5 minutes searching and the usual suspects appear, of course; they had no…

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