S EVE N’s Clouded.


On the 9th April 2015 ( sums to 21…three 7’s) Britain was warned of  77 degree F health alert, nothing else to report; just remind the shombies to stay miserable and afraid of anything, something, the sun in this case, it’s getting warmer so be afraid.

77 degrees F is converted to celsius is 25….777.

The Grand National winner yesterday; Saturday the 11th April 2015 , (14…77) was Many Clouds.

What are the odds…funny you should ask: 25-1, and he was carrying 11st 9lb.


The word “CLOUD” and its observable properties reveals the nature of the Construct.

The same day, at 4:30, (7); Andy Murray wed his fiance in his home town of Dunblane,…cough, his tweet on the event ended with 7 Zzz’s, the reader will know  the esoteric of the Letter Z, not just that it is two 7’s, one upright, one inverted.

murray tweet

He just won Wimbledon 77 years after the last Brit ish male, on the anniversary on the 7/7 bombings by MI5/6 and Mossad, he broke Djokovic’s serve on the seventh game of each set…777


When the presstitutes post seemingly meaningless stories….are they?

The OC of the Chindits; the 77th Brigade, has warned they may face cuts, history tells us what happens when the war mongerers need cash


Carter look English to you? anglo saxon? he wants our troops to be more ‘diverse’ and multi cultural, British troops from British soil would never fire on their own people should martial law be called, but a multi cultural mix of operantly conditioned shombies?


The record shows he has apathy, if not psychopathy in his non indigenous genes, not to mention the ‘awards’ from the inbreds.


Dates to watch? 6th june 2015  (21..777)

77th Brigade was ordered by Stilwell to capture Mogaung at all costs and on 6th June the brigade, which then had a strength of 2,000 men, started the attack on Mogaung which was known to be held by 4,000 Japanese and strongly fortified. Fierce fighting continued until 27th June

17th May 2015 (21..777)

On 17th May General Slim handed over control of the Chindits to General Stilwell U.S. Army.This was a virtual death sentence to many of the Chindits. Ninety percent of the Chindit casualties occurred in the final phase of the campaign when they were under the direct orders Stilwell.

Many Clouds indeed


Or  just my in sanity



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