Hellstorm, Exposing the Real Genocide of Nazi Germany.

I am Me, Myself, without the State of England, I removed my consent to be governed in 2010, I will not pay income tax, road tax or council tax to fund traitors inside the gates, illegal wars, state sponsored false flags, war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, I am white, indigenous to British shores, with celtic blood in my vains and proud. I am not proud of Britain, England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland in their part in said crimes; historically or contemporarily. However, once the wakening spreads from a ripple to a tsunami, the pathetic little scum from Churchill to the Camerons and MIlibands of today, inclusive of their puppets like Russell Brand et al, will be washed out to see, and be seen by all. If you’re not outraged, you’re either a psychopath or you’re not paying attention. Brilliant, Brilliant film by Kyle Hunt at Renegade Broadcasting, truth fears no investigation, only the jews fear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMCOKNCwHmQ The traitors and war criminals of yesterday are no different to the traitors and war criminals of today, they are unequivocally zionist jews, intent on the genocide of the indegenous peoples of europe, and the world, to de story our way of life, our customs, laws and ancestry; get on board and fight,


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