Jeremy Clarkson and Some Jews.

I recently wrote in the defence of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, and I stand by that defence, However Clarkson is emerging to me at least as a somewhat dubvious character. There are those out there who’ll say (in hindsight) ”oh yeah, I knew that” or ” well yeah, obviously” we all know those people in our lives; 14 years later they “knew all about 911” , but to date have done or said diddly. This year is the 10th anniversary of the Israeli and MI6 attack on London, they “knew all about that too” bought the DVD, the t-shirt and the pie, but again said squat; in another 10 years they’ll know all about Woolwich, Dunblane, Hungerford, Derek Bird, Boston and Sandy Hook, Charlie Hebdo, Norway, Mumbai, Madrid, Kenya Mall, Aurora shootings, Ottowa and a multitude of other false flags, ‘plane crashes’ and ‘suicides’ etc etc, but still will keep their heads down and their tail between their legs, still  quick enough to criticise the tiniest of errors on your part, while they sat at home, taxes paid, loans secured, TV on and  risking squat. The hardest part  for me, was being surrounded by them and keeping my temper and sanity, one day you do finally real eyes you’re not insane but infact, in sane, so sane then?

jokerThe joker is the jester, originally in the court of the king, he had to be wittiest and quickest of thinkers to survive, the jester was routinely killed if he didn’t keep the king amused, patronised. To be alert and awake in todays courts and  arenas is no different, to the sleepy and submerged, the awake and involved seem like a joker, a little bit bonkers with a hint of a dark side, and I’d concur, knowing the darkest of mindsets in these elitist psychopaths and the agendas they persue requires a level of detatchment, a coldness to stay sane, and a sense of humour that the shombie sees as ‘a bit of a character’, a ‘joker’.

Hollywood has as usual, weaponized the goood guy, the terminology; the joker is the evil one today, the duplicitous trickster, and who’s behind Hollywood? the medias?…. which brings me to Clarkson, I know he’s buddies with Cameron, the whole Chipping Norton set thingy, but to be honest, which is the whole point, I had no idea of some of his other pals:

bergerHere we see JC with Josh Berger of Warner Bros, BBC’s Tim Samuels and Boris’s sister Rachel Johnson…yep…all jewish…whoah, there you go again being anti-semitic…no I’m not….yes you are you said they’re all jewish….they are…who’re you talking to…yourself? …yeah, and?… joker!….feck off.

Berger, though I can’t find a link to poor persecuted Luciana Berger MP, the jewess who goes crying oy vey to the plod and gets people banged up for tweeting her, is an old jewish name,  Joshua Berger is head of Warner Bros in Europe, CFR member, knighted and recently was responsible for shutting down via copyright bs; the Generation Identitique, A Declaration of War, by the French youth group thingamajig, basically the youth of France saying no to cultural marxism and white genocide if you’re not familiar, take a peek, though I think I’m right in saying we English were first, huh hum:

Makes my hair stand up, and though it could be argued it’s controlled as part of the ‘revolution’ we’re seeing, for Berger to try and shut it down makes it viable to me at least. When the young revolutionaries of today think revolution, most think Russell Brand, Brand is the ex of jew Jemima Goldsmith (Goldschmidt) who’s party JC was at in these pics, Brand for me, is a plant, very probably MK’d, and slowly but surely  being linked to the global  paedophile/pederast networks. Goldsmith recently said Diana was in love with ”The only person who would never betray her”; Hasnat Khan, and Dodi was just a mind game if you will. This timely revelation by Goldsmith, around Yewtree time, would also help detract from what many now believe; that Diana was sacrificed, and it was a ritual make no mistake,  because of her knowledge of the aforementioned global child abuse networks, Dodi? Khan? landmines? Palestine ambassador? which is it you tin foil hat? …will you stop talking to yourself…Fool.

bergerobeNext at the party, posing in front of the chosen ones’ homeland was one Tim Samuels:

samuelsjemimaSamuels, apart from being an ugly unshaven chosen one, has quite a colourful past, and present, colourful being a euphamism so as not to be anti-semitic…:

samuelsTurns out he’s a bit of a Morrisey fan, for those who don’t know, Morrisey; of The Smiths, is quite a talentless whining gobshite, no ability whatsoever in the music department, with a voice like JImmy Savile still has his shrivelled germ ridden corpse poker stuck in his chocolate starfish, an absolute mystery as to why he has a career at all, all too common in todays ‘entertainment’ industry, unless of course you’ll bend over or drop to your knees for say…Simon Cowell…if you’re young enough that is.

cowell” this turns into a witchhunt, for people who, are, are gay”..David Cameron on This Morning speaking to Philip Schofield.

Morrisey first met Samuels when he was 13:

morrsamYeah, of course we can help your career, come sit on my lap and I’ll read you some talmudic teachings.

I went to Madstock in the 90’s, the comeback of Madness after 10 years, held at Finsbury Park London, it was awesome the Smiths didn’t show as one of the support bands, the whole crowd cheered at the announcement. Even back then, before I knew a fraction of what I know today; The Smiths were pretty much hated except for obviously the BBC and their fans, maybe they were oblivious to his songs, maybe they were just so tasteless, as in todays One Direction or I dunno….Taylor Swift, the list of mind numbing shite aimed at our children is endless, promoting the gay agenda, diversity, LGBT+, Morrisey however knew exactly what he was doing:

morrisseyYou only have to look:

morrissey1Morrisey even recently was quoted as saying the  outing of Child rapist, necrophiliac and killer; Savile, was enlightening, compared to the dim nights of 72:

morrissey2The normalisation of child sex is high on the agenda of the noahide, religious jews in the medias and politics of today, the ugly unshaven chosen one; Samuels is doing a tribute to Morrisey….called….wait for it….”Not like Any Other Love”… really…seriously,degenerate parasitic cockless sayanim.

weird-morrisseytit1Yeah, coincidence of course that he wanted Kitty on his tour…sir cliff…pppfff. if you think it’s all just coincidence, look at what other little prick bigged up Morrisey, none other than Savile fan; Gallagher:

noelgliamgallagerDon’t pictures say so much!

blairgall_1706574ccliff-richard-noel-gallagher-590x350Gallagher you little prick, talking of which:

Russell-Brand-strips-naked-in-Londons-Piccadilly-Circus-in-a-Mayday-protestAre we honestly expected to believe that micro cock above kept the likes of Katie Perry, Britney, Jemima Goldsmith and a thousand other hot ladies, content?…..don’t make me laugh…if that’s true, I’d be well in…call me Katie, I’ll illuminate ya…no wonder his ego is so massive with a microscopic todger like that. Multi millionaire, mind controlled and meddling in monarchy mayhem.. ..muppet, clever, but still a muppet.

2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - ArrivalsProve it? he probably doesn’t even know himself, mind control involves among other techniques, splitting the personality, OBEY , dwarfing his little willy, but still here in Britain, his shombies fall on his every word, nescient and ignorant to his Rothschild/Goldscmidt/Saxo coberg Gotha masters,

Angus cocaine Deayton was also at the party;


Deayton, recently split from long term partner Lisa Mayer…….yep…jewish….and ex of the now passed Rik Mayall, the late great comedian, actor and writer, not to mention patriot. Rik was a secret whistleblower on the BBC pederast network, he knew Fry, Richards, Yentob, Cohen, Savile, he knew Diana and Jill Dando and to top it off was with a Mayer….deep inside the rabbit hole….respect!

mayerMayer has sisters very high up in the industry and one is top dog at TIME magazine….oh and she’s written two books about good friend of Savile….Charles Saxo-Coberg Gotha:



look at this picture of Clarkson with twat extraordinaire Chris Evans, you know the signals, handled.

evanshandsEvans narrated the story of Jimmy Savile in ‘As it Happens’ alongside sicko Alistair McGowen, the latter longnosed pathetic little weed of a man is to tribute Savile, on June 10th to july 11th in Park Theatre North London, by jew Jonothan Maitland we and others will be watching like hawks.


Bent headed paedophile…supporter.

The Rachel in the picture at the top is Boris’ sister, you don’t need me to tell you the colour of his blood…

johnsonmulticultThat Clarkson is also buddies with Mathew Freud, and an Oppenheimer should also ring some bells to the researched reader:

Sir Clement Freud.

Sir Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, in Portugal.

In July 2007, Clement Freud helped the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann by cooking them dinners in Praia da Luz and offering them drinks.

Initially when he wrote to them offering assistance they thought it was a hoax.

Sir Clement Freud’s son Matthew Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Matthew Freud is head of Freud Communications, an international public relations firm in the United Kingdom.

Matthew Freud is a member of the ‘Chipping Norton set’ along with David Cameron, Christopher Shale (fairly recently found dead) and Rebekah Brooks.

Tangled web indeed….until you start to untangle it, these inbreds and jewish ‘cough’ elites…cough, choke splutter…ass u me that they have it all sewn up, that all the cards are in their hands and none can touch them…they are wrong….



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