7/7 London Bombings, 10th Anniversary of Mossad Terrorist Attack.


Any and all who’ve even slightly researched the 77 bombings will know who did it, the military know who did it, politicians and police know who did it, the medias know who did it, mossad henchman Juval Aviv is even on camera putting his noahide foot in it here at 1:26 mins:

A drill that went live, simple, as was 911, Boston marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, the Lee Rigby beheading, and on and on…..

444 later they gave us

LONDON BOMBINGS 07/07/2005 [777]

Blairs popularity was fading and Israel is pissed at the uk for a gas deal with egypt, not to mention the agenda, Blair is a fabian, a 33 degree mason and high in the illuminati, hence his blatant psychopathic traits go unmentioned in the zionist controlled uk politics and media.

He has put 100 year secrecy acts on the Dunblane massacre and 70 years on Dr David Kelly, trying to hide the peadophile network and lies regarding WMD and his zionist and jesuit backers /string pullers.

188th day of the year, and 177 days left,

3 simultaneous blasts at 8:49 [ 11 minutes to 9, 9/11]

4 alleged bombers, the Israeii owned cctv wasn’t working that day,

52 killed [7] and 700 injured [7] remember Lamech and Cain?

If we add the murdered MI5 aids [bombers] there were 56 killed [11]

Aldergate bomb, train no: 204 [6]

Edgware bomb, train no: 216 [9]

Russell Square bomb, train no: 311 [ 3*11=33 ]

Tavistock Square bomb @ 9:47 [9,11]  no: 30 bus, registration LXO3 BUF,

Tavistock is very significant, the building is originally the house of theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, Lucis trust etc, researching will bring you to the zeitgeist movement of today, maybe now we see why the masons need to be infiltrating groups like we are change, some chapters of which align with zeitgeist.

Play with the bus numbers and you will get 666 encoding.

21 days [777] after the attacks, London had a failed bombing attempt,

Resulting in the death of Jean Charles de menezes age 27 [9]

On the scene, undercover officer hotel 3  in his statement ‘heard 2 armed officers fire 11 shots over a 30 second period at 3 second intervals,  no shit sherlock, they may as well have worn masonic aprons over their Regiment blacks, rumours abound over the SAS in this, but there is evidence of an ex SBS

The CPS and IPCC find no charges to be brought against the killers of De Menezes, but they did find the MET police were guilty of not providing for the health safety and welfare of Jean Charles De Menezes under the health and safety at work act 1974,(3) sections…..wait for it…3[1] and 33[1]..=11,333, again i say


As with 9/11 London has it’s symbology aswell, the blasts were in known occult areas, and a high Arab populus for one of the blasts.

If the bombers are the perps, how did they get the bomb under the train of the Edgware blast, they were rucksack bombs weren’t they?

As with 9/11. london has some fictional victims, ….they simply do not and did not exist… research vicsims, quis bono? maybe we see why the freemasons need to lead the ‘truth’ movement,


I would like to quote from Efraim Halevi, a former head of Mossad in an article that was printed in the Jerusalem Post on the 7th July 2005. This article was headed, ‘Rules of conflict for a world war:’
“The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place yesterday on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope. They have come a long way since the two attacks of the year 1998 against the American embassies in Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salaam, and the aircraft actions of September 11, 2001.”
Like the rabbit that hops out of the top hat before the magician is ready for his stunt, the truth has been exposed. This article was written prior to the actual bombing that took place in London, and thus, Efraim Halevi had to have been one of the planners for this ‘Terrorist’ event.
The Jerusalem Post describes Efraim Halevi as: “The writer, who heads the Center for Strategic and Policy Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is a former head of the Mossad. (© 1995-2005, The Jerusalem Post 07/07/05)”
In simple words, The London bombing was a ‘planned’ terrorist attack by a group of people including Efraim Halevi, of the ‘Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies’ at the ‘Hebrew University’ in Jerusalem.



Just like the problem with 9/11 and Madrid – there were no hijackers and no bombers to film.
They tried to get around that on 7/7 by getting some patsies to photograph. They did not leave it to chance, for those picked had to be disposed of as though they had been killed in the blasts.


Catholic BlairJewish Blair




Wos up wiv ya boat Tone?

Wos up wiv ya boat Tone?








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