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What Kind of Man?

What kind of man? Says he’s awake, but does nothing? Says he’s awake to the veil of politics…cos he learnt it at school? Says he knew about 911 cos he bought some Alex Jones DVD’s? Hasn’t found the time in … Continue reading

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Chris Spivey, Yawn. | Iceni Rising

Source: Chris Spivey, Yawn. | Iceni Rising

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Hitler’s Secret Weather Machine.

Rational thought everyone…..logic, reason, common sense, today equals anti semitism….out of 50,000 DEATH CAMP SURVIVORS interviewed for Spielberg’s The Last Days, the Chosen ones for the film are ALL proven to be liars.

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Hitlers Hidden Aquarium

I did honestly laugh tears in this, farcical insult to the intelligence of all not yet lobotomised by the status quo, a sharks tooth?!*#?^^ and a remains from a christian graveyard constituting the remains of 900.000 gassed jews?!#*….yeah yeah… You’re … Continue reading

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White Genocide; David Cameron and Free Speech.

Video No: 2 from my blogging hiatus; Honestly¬† I’ve been wary for some time of the white genocide meme, was it a scheme? I kept asking, and searching, looking for conflicting evidence, statistics…Lies, damn lies and statistics I know, If … Continue reading

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911 and the ‘War on Terror’ ; Killing Cognitive Dissonance.

Good to be back, and thank you for visiting in the 7 or 8 weeks away from the net…well all my accounts anyway. I’ve been deep into research and¬† I suppose ‘revision’, I’ve dug deep into the old and the … Continue reading

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