911 and the ‘War on Terror’ ; Killing Cognitive Dissonance.

Good to be back, and thank you for visiting in the 7 or 8 weeks away from the net…well all my accounts anyway.

I’ve been deep into research and  I suppose ‘revision’, I’ve dug deep into the old and the new to the best of my ability, the official versions and documentations, the medias, ‘politicians’, the Police’s ludicrous diver sions, the alternative media and it’s prominent voices , you know from whence I come.

Though I never ‘revised’ at school, ( pats himself on the back)  it’s evident to me I havn’t stopped research and revision since Diana was killed, I was looking into some stuff prior to that, but not regular, deep research perhaps,  I wrote my first essay on my first pc in 2001, a really ancient one even by 2001 standards, it had windows 95 and that was my total knowledge regarding computers back then. It was about the 911 attacks and went along the lines of fooling all the people some of the time…I knew nothing other than it just didn’t seem real, the essay went walkies, I wish I had it now, if only for a laugh.


Thermate…DEW’s….Khalezovs nukes…Planes…missiles,,,,

None of these alone conclusively suffice.

The official narative…please!

The result?….14 years of confusion while ongoing psyops pummel the mind of the masses….this has to change….and Cameron concurs.

I had my first worldwide ban for a copyright claim on this film, it seem Robert Zimerman’s peeps won’t let me play Jokerman over the Charlie Hebdo scenes near the end, but you can now hear what needs to be heard, and the lack of  background music helps to be fair, so I’ve not re-edited it.


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