White Genocide; David Cameron and Free Speech.

Video No: 2 from my blogging hiatus; Honestly  I’ve been wary for some time of the white genocide meme, was it a scheme? I kept asking, and searching, looking for conflicting evidence, statistics…Lies, damn lies and statistics I know, If a hypothesis tested comes out positive, I cant remember if that’s even the right way of saying it, it doesn’t mean it’s proof; no such thing as proof in science, and the extraneous variables regarding Racism, white flight, its voices, and a multitude of others  would be mind boggling, for me at least.

But with everything else: enough objective research and seeing that which is now very visible, it’s very hard to not concur. I have been fooled in the past with various prominent voices/movements I’ll agree, but when committed to this scrap as I appear to be, to expect to come out of it unscathed is naive, I’m sure I’ll be fooled again at some point. it’s not the dog in the fight and I’ve always known there would be injuries, my own personal losses in my ‘legal/lawful’ duals has left me blooded, and it’s clear justice will not, at least presently, be mine, they simply cannot let me win, c’est la vie; a battle lost…at least presently…

I’ve been homeless 4 times in my life through various reasons, I’ve been in prison twice, well it would come out at some point, yes I was a very naughty boy in my youth, 15 months youth custody when I was 20, I engineered a successful escape and have the scar to prove it too….honest, he he, then 3 months in 1991.

There…said it, I never talk of those days except if asked, which it isn’t, we move on and that was 25 years ago, I am now 48, However: The attacks if ever they come from the powers that be will center round my past I’m sure, so you heard it here first folks, (now watch the numbers drop)… my point; I fit their profile for neo nazi, ex criminal, conspiracy theorist, white supremecist general all round bad guy, but you see I see, the information on this blog shows I see, so how can we not see…nazi….we are with the allies…all eyes if we see, are we not? ..and their profiling comes from the jewish Frankfurt school/Tavistick founded schools of Psychology:  Cognitve, psychoanalytical, Behaviorism, Gestalt  and  another I can’t remember…not just a brickie and a pretty face, in the ninetes I studied Psychology O level and A level, general and child psychology as a mature student….and got A’s….yeah I did….at school I drew cartoons on all my exam papers…sorry Mum.

So bring it on MR Cameron, Leopards do change their spots, and heat and pressure make diamonds….I’ve lived with psychopaths and killers,…and I see you sir…Crystal….Take you me for a sponge?


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