What Kind of Man?

What kind of man?

  • Says he’s awake, but does nothing?
  • Says he’s awake to the veil of politics…cos he learnt it at school?
  • Says he knew about 911 cos he bought some Alex Jones DVD’s?
  • Hasn’t found the time in 5 years to research 7/7, 911, etc etc?
  • Hasn’t researched anything relating to the Jewish question and the holohoax, but preaches to his kids…”its the jews”?
    • After being showed how easy it is to stop paying tax….continues to pay tax?
    • After being showed how to eliminate debt….continues to pay huge loans?
    • After being shown how his mortgage is fraudulent….doesn’t even look into it?
  • Takes cash from customers and keeps the VAT?
    • Lies to old age pensioners who trust him?
    • Lies to customers to hide his mistakes?
    • Ignores for months the calls of those he knows he can deceive?
    • belittles others around him to make himself look big?
    • Jumps into a skip to retrieve a dead 5 year old 9v battery?
    • Is duplicitous with those who deem him a friend?
    • Smiles to peoples faces then hisses behind their backs?
    • Bows down to those he sees as alpha, and bullies those below him?
    • Has fell out with everyone he’s ever worked with?
  • Has never had friends?
  • Has X-Factor, Britains Got Talent etc on his TV?
  • Says he likes the Gallagher bros after he’s made aware of the Saville paedo network?




  • In 5 years hasn’t even begun to look at the construct, the codes and cyphers of the illuminatus…yet still claims to be awake?
  • Sees the treason and does nothing?
  • sees the chemtrails and does nothing?
    • Is silent when questioned on any of the above?

Answer: Not a man, not even close….a pathetic coward and a liar, a betrayer of trust and friendship….20 years ago he’d have met his nemesis in me….today? I could bankrupt him with one email, not my style…lesson learned…rise above and move on.




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