Keelan Balderson …77th Brigade/GCHQ?


Its been said by some that Balderson of is a shill, a paid disinformation operative working for the agenda of the jewish elites destroying Britain…a Sayanim.

Since Cameron’s recent speeches regarding ‘conspiracy theorists’, and the implementation of the British Army’s 77th Brigade; Britains bloggers appear to be going silent;


Icenirising has been watching Balderson for some time, he lives in Spalding, Lincolnshire with his parents.

Aside from his website, he is a wrestling ‘pundit’;


Balderson has appeared several times on the Corbett Report, Corbett is on record as saying his website is his full time job…his career.


In a tweet to Balderson in 2013, after his site was quiet for sometime, Icenirising tweeted him, his response confirmed he was in it for the money;


Balderson now claims false flags such as Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon bombings were not False Flags, and that crisis actors are not real;


He claims he is the only one in the world who is on the ball, and everyone else is on a wild goose chase.


The above picture is from a video of himself being interviewed… himself.


“Crisis actors are a baaad conspiracy theory”

Balderson is spouting the narrative of the 77th brigade and GCHQ….The uk government’s traitorous lapdogs.


Balderson has never covered the 77th brigade in any of his posts, nor comments in multiple chat rooms and forums;


Balderson is very likely jewish, although he dodges the question, he is a crypto jew or at the very least: Sayanim.

The Boston bombings were real according to Balderson, even the blood, as for the now infamous ‘wheelchair shot’…..yep…real too;



Balderson has now roped in a naive boy to join him in his podcasts, the boy is Sam Brooks,  an egocentric ‘gamer’ and wrestling pundit with Balderson;


Brooks is Jewish;


In a recent podcast with Brooks, they both claim the holocaust was real…..What do you see?

Balderson is brave behind his keyboard, he is offensive to others who are trying to fight, he is critical on matters he has no experience in; he is showing his ignor ance, his paymasters will not be happy….nor will the good men and women of Britain when they see his ilk…..and that time is nigh….his ego and bank balance will pale in comparison….Brooks….you are a fool over your head.


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