Happy Autu MN Equinox to All

peaceTo he who said to me: “What’s the point? my voice will have no effect”  I say: Back to your gods; money and ego.

That the jews have always hated the English is no surprise to those who see,  the need to Destory our culture, our customs, indeed our very way of life is Crystal.

The Noahide nutters and their crypto supporters and sayanim simpletons are drowned, submerged in cognitive dissonance, if not just plain insane and apathetic; which is more likely if history is to show us.

But throw a little light on the darkness of the talmudic terror facing the indigenous people of the British Isles, and it will dazzle the lies of the jews, hypnotized and indoctrinated by the Chabad Lubavitch lycanthrope lunatics.

That Rabid and Rabbi share similarities is by design?

There is little doubt that Jewish scribes ripped off the Flood story from the Gilgamesh tale and turned it into their own.  How it was altered or edited provides insightful keys to the way in which “esoteric” and “metaphysical” or “spiritual” channels are established and for what purpose such channels may exist.

Reverse the word.
(SH) E (M+A=)N GLI (SH) = English and the Letter G is “the Greatest of them All” who crossed the Abyss and met with Utnapishtim who saved mankind through coming to know the Secrets of the Gods.
UTNAPISHTIM reverses to form MITHS IP ANT U, or the not so cryptic code of Myths, Pi, and You, the very real truth to the larger Construct.
NOAH is a duplicity word. 
Does it mean NO A and H (meaning to remove Pi and hence the Word)?
Or does it mean KNOW A and H (and hence Pi and hence the Word?)”
A has a value of 1
U has a value of 5
T has a value of 4
U has a value of 5
M has a value of 13
N has a value of 14Since we know we need to return everything back to “the Word”, we may leave MN as 1314 as Pi as the Word. This is the Gematria component, sans the “adding up” of the Letters.This reveals the following:AUTU(1314)

Since we know that the marking points are the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and these are marked further by major holidays of May Day/Beltaine and Holloween, we can see that the formula becomes self evident – IF WE USE NOTARICON!!!

AUTU(1314) = (15)TO1314 = (1+5=6) TO MN = 6 TO MN (1314)

The use of the Letter TU to represent the word TO is a NOTARICON component.

The AU shows that the letter placement is a 1 and 5 respective, and since we know that it is 6 weeks to the Letters MN, in that G represents the AU-TU-MN equinox, we can show that A+U = 1+5 = 6 weeks TO MN.




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