Hunting the English.


Channel 4 today announced at its Upfront 2015 event for the advertising industry that it has commissioned Hunted (wt), from Shine TV, producers of hit Channel 4 series The Island with Bear Grylls. The new series will dramatically explore the scale of Britain’s surveillance state’s all-seeing gaze.

Here in Britain, a new ‘reality’ tv show is being shown where; to keep it simple, it shows it to be a near impossibility to go ‘off grid’ as CH4 say. It is a series where members of the public, who see Britain for what it really is:

“ Ricky believes we are a tip-toe away from totalitarianism in the UK, claiming that George Orwell’s book 1984 was “supposed to be a warning – not an instruction manual”.

SHINESurprised?…All medias are owned and run by jews, the world is waking to the jewish question and boy are they getting worried, 109 countries from memory have booted out these destroyers of cultures, and they want us to run?

I think not…that is something the Brits do not do…I’ll agree we have some history that is not to be boasted of, as is true of all nations historically, and yes we’ve been duped into wars…by who?…the chosen ones!

Our trusting nature is abused by those who represent these parasites, the crypto jews and sayanim in Parliament, His tory should show us politicians can never be trusted yet we hand them time and time again the benefit of the doubt, fooled by the folly that is politics, duped and deluded by the whores, war criminals and traitors of the mainstream medias.


The country love Bear Grylls, yet he is a proven liar and fraud, look at who his father’s, and his business partners are, he never flew over Eve’s rest in a flying machine, he never broke his back in a parachuting accident in Zambia or wherever he said; the Regiment weren’t their when he claimed it happened, he is the only other civilian, along with a photographer to share the green beret of the royal marines apart from?……Savile! Gryls is linked to the global angels of whom Ester Rantzen is also involved, the jewess who knew all about Savile’s antics along with most if not all the BBC.

grylls angels

Now his bosses want the waking Brits, those who are seeing behind what Cameron described in his speech as 911 being a jewish plot, and the London Bombings being staged….to be afraid of the surveillance state, to warn us if we go on the run, or go off grid that we cannot escape; run? you wish Murdoch, you and your chipping norton nonces will be shown by History for what you are.

Spot the difference: Staged Dave?


The best defence is an offence, make noise people, Britain and Europe is being invaded by 10’s of millions of ‘refugees’, Diversity and Multi-culturalism is good because the jews say it is, yet they keep Israel free from all except the chosen, murdering and genociding the real rightful owners of the land of Palestine.

Mainstream media are using the Psychological fear pawn to try and stop those who see…from doing…this is going to increase on the TV   teaching you nationalism, patriotism, white pride etc are racist, nazi, white supremacist remarks, one of the many tactics of the 77th Brigade and GCHQ.



They also have their online activists we must be eternally vigilant for:


That said; there is some good stuff to learn from it all, I for one do not have a smart phone, I am as best I can be; off grid, I pay no tax, I put no money into my bank, I do not ‘drive’, and I make as much noise as i can with the resources I have, I talk to people, I even had police approach me a while back to say they get it….so there is a flip side to the Hunted….and Shine tv…but run?  go f..k your chosen selves.



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