Paris 13/11/15 Psyop, Between the Lies.

chinditsSpecial forces, spooks and spies have always communicated via the medias of their day, in WWII it was the world service they’d tune in to for coded messages and signals, to think today is any different is naive, especially when the medias are owned and run by the very sponsors of said wars.


To put the above photo in my, or any other video would get it blocked more than it already will be, it is from the Bataclan Theatre, and beggers belief, I did 4 or 5 films and deleted them all before the published one, there was too much to show and 2 were 40 minutes long.

I would not presume to have the knowledge and experience of say; the Met’s or…Norfolk constabularies’ Scenes of Crime, their forensic and ballistic acumen and certainly not their resources, but I can see, Crystal. What caused those trails of blood? …crawling or dragged bodies all in the same direction to form those swirls?… are they bodies?….are they brush/mop lines to remove foot prints after the stage was set?… is Honk Kong Fooey the janiter at the Bataclan? all variables to consider in just one hypothesis.


One thing is Crystal: Paris 13/11/15 was a film set, another psyop to scare joe public out of his already brainwashed mind, and allow the traitorous politicians  of Britain to bomb the crap out of Syria for the greater Israel.


The Saturday after the event I watched and recorded most top news sites and researched pretty much constantly for the next 10-14 days, it became clear very quickly indeed that this was a very very badly staged event, the timings, the actors are unbelievably bad, and as for the film sets,  literally ludicrous.


Why is the guy above gesturing no cameras/filming! many will know there are no films or photos from the thousands of people in the Stad de France, indeed it seems the explosions were broadcast over the speaker system so there would be nothing to film, or perhaps everyone left their phones at home?  not only is Honk kong Fooey the janitor at the Bataclan, it seems Inspector Clouseau  is running the French CSI.  Forget British plod, now being trained in Israel they have been gutless corrupt masonic puppets for years now, there are good among them but none with any balls, what they don’t real eyes, is that they too are goyim in the eyes of the chosen ones.

The photo of Hollande was taken at just the right time, if you see that is:


I see 29 (11)  and 119 (911), and a 13 either side of 666,  311 days after the Hebdo psyop, 33 always says look both ways to me nowadays.

Wikipedia says the attacks were at 21:16; 20 minutes before the time in the photo of Hollande, where he gets a phone call to say the attacks were “underway”….their choice of word, not mine.

wikibolloxYNET has the attacks at 9:20 (11), over a quarter of an hour before Hollande’s phone call.

ynetLook at the 911’s above and on YNET’s next screenshots: not just the numbers as digits and words, the picture shows us 666, as F is at column 6, a 6 then a 5 and 4=9 is a 6.

ynet1Three, Seven and One is 11…1,500 is sIX is 9.

ynet2TIME, I thought appropriate, has it at 9:45 (snake eyes; 11), when the first shots rang out before the explosions at the Stad de France, and 9 minutes after  Frenchy’s phone call.

945On their own, we may think these  may be nothing, but if we look at the rest of the variables in this ‘event’, if we look back to 911 and the medias of the day, it was just the same, as was 7/7, Mumbai, Madrid, ad infinitum, coincidence it is not, documented it is, on this and many many other blogs, sites and documentaries worldwide.

Hollande, two days after the Hebdo hilarity, is on record saying the ‘Illumines’ were behind the attacks, British, French, Israeli and American spooks met just prior to the latest attacks;

Screenshot from 2015-11-17 20_39_29TWITTER, as with the Boston marathon psyop, tweeted the attacks under the guise of PZfeed on the 11th; ez pz to feed the masses!

twittThen we’re fed the ‘event’, with bombs that don’t blow out windows or knock over chairs, indeed not even knock over cups outside the cafe, shrapnel that only hits a passer by’s phone, yet damages no clothing or skin, on anyone,  I reckon they couldn’t risk any more blunders like the amputees hired for Boston. We’re fed the ol’ passports found as if by 911 magic, film crews already on site, emergency services on standby since the morning, and actors and actresses making pathetic performances, and we’re supposed to suck it all in.

Congratulations Britain, suck it you did, like a hungry hook nose suckling from a Rothschild tit, we are now bombing Syria out of sovereignty and into usury.

bloodactorSurvival blanket cooly draped,just like the witness Nowak in his laughing background scene,  this dude has claret all over his shirt from a serious splatter, but not one drop on his arms, neck or face, don’t worry though, his buddie has his back.

Not to forget the disgusting black hearted Ginnie Watson and her junior school performance, among the crisis actors she is by far the worst since Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook fame, or the cadavar that loads of people step over whilst ‘escaping’ the Bataclan, who then comes to life and checks their smart phone, never mind the missing doorway visible on Google earth.

BataclanBionicWoman_01bWho said ‘Illumines’?


Bataclan side door

Frederick Nowak, the aforementioned survival blanket blood soaked yet unscathed survivor and witness (dead man walking) says in his interview in the Guardian how he lost his son in the mayhem, yet not only does his ‘on camera debut’ contradict this  statement, he doesn’t once mention his son, any parent will know, first and foremost a father would find their son or daughter no matter what, nothing  would overide that primal instinct, not even gunshot, on the contrary.

nowaksmileSmiling all the way to the bank Fred? …..not for long , you’re a loose end, and a fool.

Taking into account the above and the unequivocal evidenced in the clips available, we can see that also as with 911, 7/7 etc, there were drills running and you know who had prior warning.

bataclanjewsjewsfranceThe British armies 77th, along side GCHQ have been recruiting  and brainwashing hard; diversity, multi culturism and LGBT+ the agenda, especially in the minds of YOUR children, slowly slowly the normalisation of child sex will take hold, it is written in the talmud so it must be ok. Jewish police and infiltration will try and quell the dissident,  British police and politicians frequent Israhell on your tax pounds to show them how the poor jews are terrorised by those evil Palestinian warmongers, how dare they defend their country from an invading force; cattle, slaves, goyim is what they are, Their God said so.

In the six month period from 1st March 2014 to 31st August 2014, Eighty of London’s Metropolitan Police staff travelled to Israel. This period coincides with Operation Protective Edge, the recent bombardment and massacre of of over 2000 Palestinians in Gaza.

Inspector Clouseau and Honk Kong Fooey we know are not real, I’ve got news for the TV watching British public; Morse, Lewis, Frost, the good ol’ cop with honour, courage and integrity, they’re not real either you know, no Spook is going to save the day, Bodie and Doyle or The Sweeney aint gonna get the baddy, it’s down to we the people to stop it, and I believe we will, however the preferred peaceful take back may now be out the window, we are being invaded, all white countries and only white countries by forced mass immigration based on lies. Between those lies, if we look and see; the vast majority of the refugees are male, well fed and well clothed, very few women and children, It gets worse:

Of the 19.000 ish immigrants Finland took in so far this year; over 95% are men of fighting age, well fed and clothed and from IRAQ, you remember Blair’s war that killed up to half a million children, Iraqi children?…that’s the one, 17,000 men in Finland alone, look at the other white countries, and only white countries and see for yourself if you think this is conspiracy theory.

finlandHow many from Syria?: 559.


Who is at all the airports welcoming these refugees?…LGBT! everytime.

carterdiversityCoincidence theory?


If you think it doesn’t or won’t affect you, then think about your children and grandchildren, then look at the rape epidemic now sweeping ‘diverse, multicultural’ white and only white countries.










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