Dr. Called Me The C Word.

Two weeks ago I had a colonoscopy after a change in my bowel movements,

I have been told I have cancer of the rectum.

The last two weeks have been a dance with the devil to say the least,  the best description I can think of,  is feeling like the tall dude with the hooded cape and the scythe has thumped me as hard as he could with the blunt end of said scythe, right in the chest.

I will be taking a break for sometime from this battle we all face from the so called ‘elites’ of OUR world, to do battle with this new, formidable foe. In my mind I have already won, from my younger days I know only to well, all fights are won or lost before the first punch is thrown, no matter how big and scary the opponent

I would like to thank all who continue to visit and read this blog, my Youtube and Twitter feeds, and wish you all the best for the future, and may you all have a truly happy Christmas and a wonderful and fruitful new year.



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