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I thought I ought to update my blog, it’s been over 6 months since I last wrote anything. Firstly thanQ to all who’ve visited this blog, my youtube and twitter channels, it’s good to know they havn’t faded into insignificance…yet.

I have just finished saving all my work to pdf’s and I’m in the process of writing the book I started some 3 or 4 years ago, I’m doing all my own artwork so as to avoid any copyright claims, I forgot I could draw,  and generally taking it in my stride.

I had surgery in February and have pretty much been recovering since. I decided as I think I said back in December last year, that I was taking a break from research, blogging and battling the powers that be and concentrating on the dual with cancer, as any sane mind would.

To keep it short and not bore, I had a six hour op to remove a stage 3 tumor from my lower colon and rectum, 2 kilo’s in weight with surrounding tissue was removed along with 18 lymph nodes, the colon and rectum were then stapled together and an ileostomy bag fitted to my stomach. I was told I would be in Hospital for 7-14 days, I was off morphine by day two and home 2 days after that. Their are no words to describe the pain so I won’t bother trying.

The surgeon  told me he was confident that he’d removed it all, I had to wait the 14 day period for the lab to confirm, the longest two weeks in my life so far. The phonecall came and indeed confirmed the surgeon had got it all, I owe him my life. The cancer was in only 1 of the 18 lymph nodes.

I can remember the anaesthetist when I told him how fit I’d got ready for surgery,  telling me I’d basically have to learn to walk again  and thinking; na not me, I’m fit. I’d lost all body fat and was cycling 40 miles without even being out of breath, I was speed walking 30 plus miles a week with my dog and I was shooting a 50# recurve  bow for two hours no problems,  how true were his words, I’m not ashamed to say many tears were shed…pain in the arse to say the least.

I was not allowed to lift anything heavier than a kettle for two months and basically just take it easy. My cuts are now healed and my recovery is looking good, (tipping my hat with respect to the cloaked  one with the scythe) I will have to have scans for years to come and I’m by no means out of the woods, will I ever be? are any of us? but positive I remain and beat it I will. From minute one, day one ,I said  that I’d beat it, I’ll win and  and there is nothing on the face of this earth that can change that, nothing.

I am now having ‘bib ‘n’ braces’ Chemotherapy, I ‘m just over halfway of 8 cylces which should end in September, all  character building , but cricket it aint and complain I will not. I have had a brush with death and had many conversations with him, many many are less fortunate as we all know too well. My most sincere thoughts and best wishes go to all who have encountered this nemesis we all face in one way or another.

The day after diagnosis on December 6th, I stopped intake of all sugar, dairy, red meat, alchohol, processed flours and food and ate raw food for the first 6 weeks, juicing greens daily, fruits, fruit juices,I ate nuts and seeds for fats and protein but was pretty much vegan. I had a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda and the same of pure vitamin c twice a day for the same six weeks to raise my oxygen levels and blood ph, I was and still am drinking my own colloidal silver and Essiac tea, I used the budwig protocol which I’ve now stopped but continue to take cold pressed flax seed daily, along with Curcumin, vit D3 (10.000IU), B3, Selenium, Bee propolis, calcium ascorbate ( buffered vitamin c for my blood group) and I drink 2-3 litres of fluid a day, mainly white organic t. I only use raw organic honey, I use only buckwheat flour and I do now eat chicken and fish for good fats and protein.

I am now putting muscle back on and can walk reasonably far depending on my chemo reactions, I can cycle a bit and have built up from a 35# ladies longbow to my 45# recurve, albeit gently. I do daily ab and leg stretching, some light tai chi and yoga and deep abdominal breathing with meditation ( which I’ve done for years now)

I have been told I’m trying to run before I can walk, but my surgeon said if it feels ok then do it, just be careful, good enough for me. Cancer has, as you’d expect,  changed everything for me, a switch has been thrown in my brain and I genuinely know there’s nothing I cannot do, literally nothing, it’s not a belief it’s a knowledge. I’m like a car wheelspinning with the handbrake on, as soon as chemo is over and my ileostomy is reversed, the brakes are off and so am I, I will be the fittest 50 year old in my neck of the woodsand my life can start all over, this time without the darkness dragging me into it’s lare.

I’ve seen through the illusion of politics, the lies of the medias and their whores, I’ve seen through the grand delusion, the deluge, I’ve walked the walk and come out on top, I am sovereign, without the state of England and under the laws and customs of this land, not ‘Acts’ of traitorous parliaments and politicians playing in the puppet show for the masses.

My research was right, my actions were right, We have the power…if we have the balls to yeid it….if not, then serfs we will remain….by our own consent.

For what it’s worth…I see change ahead, positive change.


For now farewell.



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