All Clear

On Tuesday the 20th of September I had my post chemo scan, 24 sessions of chemo   over 6 months ended on  Monday 12th. On the 21st, the wednesday, I saw the surgeon for the results; the spot on my liver has gone and the one on my lung is the same size, so unchanged and benign, probably a result of years of breathing in crap in the building trade. I was given the all clear and put on the list for my ileostomy to be reversed within the next 3 months. I ran back to my car and cried.

I am now split from my fiance since July and homeless for three weeks now just to add to the character building; my belongings are in storage and I am waiting to hear if I will be housed by my local council.

I am suffering badly from the side effects of chemo to the point it can be agony to walk, and as the temperature drops it will worsen, my feet and fingers are really painful but you know what? I’m cool with it all; I’m alive and kicking and the only way is up.

Take care all, and thanks for dropping by, speak soon.



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