Rebel with a cause, the cause: my country’s sovereignty, laws and customs, our very way of life be restored, the forced mass immigration on only white countries be halted and reversed. The return of ALL our troops in illegal and unlawful wars to defend, and only defend our borders. The arrest and trial by jury of the traitors to Britain from  Edward Heath to Cameron, The arrest and trial by jury of the  medias, politicians and police complicit in aforementioned crimes and the false flag attacks since the attack on USS Liberty to the present Paris psyop of 13/11/15.

The removal of all non indigenous English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh people from positions of power in Parliament, Police, military, education and media, to follow a full forensic worldwide investigation into the claims of the holocaust by jews.

The arrest and trial by jury of all linked to the Dunblane massacre that good men and women indigenous to Britain may bear arms and feel safe in their own lands.

A return to Habeus Corpus and the Law, banning administrative kangaroo courts run by the ju diciary on behalf of the executive.

Teaching of archery and firearms to children mandatory,



40 Responses to About

  1. david brown says:

    Re Cliff Richard is there any solid evidence to demonstrate that he ever visited Elm House . Or is this just conspiracy stuff . We could construct an anti-Jewish web site featuring some prominent Jews thought to be abusers and others who where not. Or one claiming the Roswell aliens assassinated Kennedy and Diana.
    Come on you most have some sort of evidence. Not enough for a court conviction but something to show that he ever once visited Elm house. Otherwise we might just claim as equally rubbish the people making this claim are secret Satanists out to damage the reputation of a well known Christian.

    • Duncan: says:

      Solid evidence? as in the 19 hijackers that dropped 3 towers with 2 planes? never mind the Pentagon and the $2.3 trillion, We happilly genocided back to the stone age the Iraqi’s cos the papers said so! or the other ‘muslims’ who attacked us on 7/7? I could go on. The victims and’or witnesses have mysteriously died in relation to many of the abusers, just like the bankers topping themselves, Gareth WIlliams holdall suicide, the world kows Diana was no accident, and LHO couldn’t of shot JFK, all conspiracy theories of course.
      Is there evidence as you put it for Savile’s crimes? it’s a jigsaw, put enough of the pieces together and a picture starts to appear, unfortunately some cannot see it, some will not see it but the majority just don’t care, as long as their tv’s are getting bigger and their cars shinier. Britain is under attack from many angles, mass immigration, Treason, Sedition, paedophilia, mass dumbing down, sexualization of our children, do you need ‘evidence’ for what is clear in front of your eyes? or do you not c?

  2. TTW4 says:

    I read here.


  3. david brown says:

    A collection of conspiracy theories you happen to believe in – maybe one of them is true.Maybe some of them are disinformation , But you have not a scrap of evidence that Cliff Richard was on the list.

    • Duncan: says:

      over 15 years of research shows unequivocally the only ‘conspiracy theories’ are the official naratives, to which you are welcome to digest and beleive to your hearts content, as for evidence with Richards, the same 15+years has taught me to keep digging. If you’d read properly my thoughts, you’d see I’ve said he may well be an insider, a good guy placed within, until then, I C a gay pop star linked to child rapists and their minions and mentors for over 50 years, call me a conspiracy theorist and i’ll call you a coincidence theorist.

  4. david brown says:

    the conspiracy theorists on say 9/11 , Diana all put up some evidence for there claims. Not saying they are right. You do not have a single piece of evidence to suggest that it might be true

  5. Angela Raccolta says:

    Should The Coleman Experience still be on your Blogroll, bearing in mind your piece on Spivey in August?

  6. Angela Raccolta says:

    Understand no reply, actions speak louder ……
    Scrutiny is the order of the day however.

    • Duncan: says:

      Forgive me Angela, I was not ignoring you. Coleman does some very brave work in other areas so I have to admit I concur with much of his content. His support of Spivey is dubvious which puts doubts in my mind, though experience has shown me not to quickly dismiss someone only on one or two differing perceptions, indeed as with infowariors and we are changers and many icksters, some years after they were attacking myself and others, they now concur. Coleman my see differently one day, he may not but his recent promo of SPivey is the final nail for me at present.

  7. Duncan: says:

    Thanks Fog Horn, reblogging immediately.

  8. The Fog Horn says:

    You have copied and pasted my entire article without my permission and against my repeated requests for you to not do so. That is not good journalism etiquette. It is also very bad for both of us as we will both get a red mark from Google. Please remove my article but instead write an intro to it with a link to it.

    • Duncan: says:

      You are a drama queen, your permission? it’s in the public domain,is it copyrighted? private or personal? do you not want this information shared?; and against your repeated requests is a total lie, the comments prove that for all to see, and as for google, i couldn’t give the vapour from my urine about what google thinks, says or does; lastly, I am not a journalist, I’m a Bricklayer and plasterer, I blog and act because myself and my country are under attack, I have lost my home and a car fighting the treasonous bastards, I have reported treason, misprision of treason and misconduct in a public office more than i can add up at present; I have/am risking prison in my fight, and more than likely worse by exposing the pederast/paedo networks and related cover ups, so forgive me if i don’t submit to your orders; I never have liked being told what to do. I will look into this ‘red mark’ thingymajig and make a decision then about an intro, as for a link: I already did if you look.

  9. The Fog Horn says:

    You have until the end of today to remove my ‘intellectual property’. When you write an article it is your property and anyone else must first have permission to re-publish it and must attribute it with a link back. You do not have my permission to print any of it. If it is still on your website by the end of today I shall make a DMCA report and your entire website will be removed. This is something you should learn about or you will find yourself in trouble with other very pissed off people who have put the time in to produce something only to find it’s been stolen by someone else.


    • Duncan: says:

      I am nescient on this subject, and i will gladly remove your content, i stand by what i say though, you are a liar and a drama queen, and i shall watch you with great interest, why would you not want to share this info as is the whole point? your ego seems to take precedent and you lie,

    • Duncan: says:

      I imagine you to be quite lonely, not a very nice ‘person’at all, with an ulterior motive it would seem, never in all my 15+ years of research and 6 or 7 years in being public, have i come across someone like you, outside the troll, disinfo networks, interesting and enlightening for me, so I thank you. If I have offended you, maybe you should ask why, I will leave all the comments for al to see, not once did you ask me to take it down, indeed “Great Thanks” was your first comment, over the christmas period I’ve been away from this more than ususal, coming back to check blogs and accounts, i have some authoritarian ego almost demanding royalties. Fog Horn is aptly named. As for Google, ppff, my stats have been messed with for as long as i can remember, my pc hacked 3 times i think and the whole OS wiped leaving the blue screen of death, everything is backed up multiple times in case of this, and now it seems in case of people like you. now kindly leave me alone, no more comments from you will be read, or allowed.

  10. welsh lass says:

    Dear Duncan,
    I have been doing this truth quest for long enough to recognise hasbara activity when i see it.
    Fog horn, what a hasbara twit. Anyone genuine in the ‘truth movement” would be only happy to have their words copied and pasted, after all, it’s about the message not the messenger. Who cares who write it as long as they want to wake people up to International Jewry and their satanic agenda.
    As for the Cliff Kitty Richard fan, we all knew he was a wrong un, our Dads knew it, we knew it, Jill Dando even worked it out. Stop wasting our time you silly person, we haven’t got time for this shit!
    Thank you Duncan, once again I see another normal man’s wish for the bad things with humanity to change, wishing enough to put time and effort in to your blog to inform the masses if they care, or dare to open their sleepy eyes. And your posts made me really laugh to boot!
    Good on you mate, wish there were more of you!
    Strength and courage to the Gentiles!!!
    We are millions we could drown them in our piss!

    • Duncan: says:

      Thanx Welsh Lass, it means a lot to read such nice words, a rare thing for me, especially on this blog. LOve Wales by the way, I went their last summer for two weeks, beautiful, I keep forgetting I’m half Welsh on my Mothers side. ThanQ again.

      • welsh lass says:

        Have you seen diggerfortruth blog? Same page mate. And John Kaminski.
        Also, you may be interested in 6 million lies on red ice creations
        and Blood Libel (which will shut up the Cliff christian fan, hopefully) on diggerfortruth.

        Also, may i point you in the direction of John Lamb Lash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcloCMs3Uek
        the only man writing about solutions to this great problem humanity faces.
        Not in His Image explains those ‘people’ have been at it since 4000bce. The most important book for anyone that cares about humanity and the planet.

        With the Holocaust Lies sinking like a holey ship, this thing is gonna blow up in their very ugly faces…

      • Duncan: says:

        I’m not familiar with John Lamb Lash, I’ll check it out, thanks. Diggerfortruth and Kaminski are familiar though I think it’s been some time since I gave them a look, as for Red Ice, Henrik is a regular stop for me, and yeah, people are slowly but surely seeing through the lies of the holohoax and the jewish question historically, It will blow up eventually; it’s just how they react, like a cornered rat methinks, the Samson option? the west is aware of their madness, lets hope the benevolent are ready and strike first, maximum speed and agression.

  11. welsh lass says:

    Ps I can’t believe you watch telly still, even if it is only top gear! Isn’t Clarkson part of that vile Chipping Camden freemason set?? Oppenheimers etc…
    Hope you’re getting into Lash’s work, I went to meet him, he’s the real deal.
    Strength and courage to you and all of us in the war on IJ and their puppets!!

    • Duncan: says:

      Yeah, I believe Clarkson is part of the chipping norton lot, all who are in the media’s are vetted by the spooks, that’s not to say all spooks and media types are bad, we have benevolent among them on our side, a tangled web though, you’ll agree. Reading between the lines you’ll see Clarkson has pissed off many in the global warming set up, he regularly takes the piss out of freemasons, and is/was the last that i can see who speaks his mind without worrying about offending, off ending only those who push the political correct jewspeak, he has fully backed all that is/was British and his ties to Pink Floyd I see as a positive. Attacking him jimmy savile style speaks volumes, if he’s on the inside, does that make him one of them?….maybe, I just like top gear, what can i say. JOhn Lash…not sure yet welsh lass, dubvious to say the least of the ‘alien’ types.

  12. welsh lass says:

    Fair enough, you obviously know more about Clarkson than me so I will take that on the chin.
    Yeah, the archons are a bitter pill to swallow.
    Listen to his many interviews by Henrik – the Riddle of Violence, The Kalika War Party, The End of Jewmanity…
    Consider this though: Icke has been been banging on about archons for years, he is a gatekeeper, waking people half up but then sending them on the wrong path and promptly back to sleep again. Royals are shapeshifting reptiles? Of course they are not, they are just jews or crypto jews.
    Lash was the 1st scholar of a non religious background to translate the Nag Hammadi Library and realised to his utter shock that the the jewish & christian scholars had left out enormous chunks of information, obviously it didn’t suit their doctrines, personal indoctrinations or tenure plans. That information was an a.i. creation, their intrusion on the human species, and a clear warning to humanity about them and the Salvationist religions..
    I understand it’s seems incredible, especially when there is so much UN New Age crap out there about aliens. Sitchin and his Annanukis was a 33degree Mason… it’s a minefiled out there!
    I saw you like Red Ice, keep giving Lash’s work a chance on that platform,as he’s the only one offering solution, what have we got to lose? They’re killing us anyway. I’ve just finished reading Hellstorm and am really really angry about how the German people were destroyed in the foulest ways imaginable by the jews, yet they the jews inverted it and made themselves out to be the victims of their own unimaginable sick minds.
    I will keep gently nudging you about this, Lash is a dot connector, there are no angles he hasn’t covered. I’ve only been studying his work for just over a year and have only dipped my toes in to the sheer volume of it and I am a diligent student!

  13. welsh lass says:

    His latest talk with Kyle Hunt says it all, give it a listen, keep an open mind about the archons, it’s a brilliant talk and all pertinent topics covered.

    • Duncan: says:

      I’ve been looking into him over the last few days now, I like to think my mind is always open though always very alert in relation to the ‘prominent voices’. How they tour with their ‘shows’ and sell DVD’s,t-shirts and book after book, never getting their websites shut down except when their ratings drop, as I always say, if they were a threat, they’d be dead, but yeah, I’ll always keep an open mind, Kyles a good guy too, but hey, I ve seen many turn bad and sell out, never be surprised what an ego will do to feed itself, the ‘four enemies of a man of knowledge’ is a good read, very grounding and so true. https://icenirising.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/kennys-sideshow-gone-but-never-forgotten/
      Clarity being my present battle, so you’ll respect that until I see an alien, archon or otherwise, I’ll remain dubvious of those who speak of said entities without offering evidence, yet making a good living, respectfully. I will listen to the show and keep checking him out though, he may well lead to interesting things.

  14. welsh lass says:

    John Lash doesn’t tour, or sell dvds, or even charge for his work. He gets paid from the books his publishers sell. He only recently got a ‘donation’ button because his students nagged him into it.
    He is most definitely not one of those people you speak of, he is the antithesis in fact.
    Just give the Kyle Hunt talk a listen, all things are covered that you share on your blog.
    You know Lash always says his work stays with you or it leaves you. It’s not for everyone clearly. But as you have the balls to actually do and say something about the social evil in this world i thought maybe you would be another the work stays with. Kaminski & Digger weren’t sure at first but now the work is reaching in to them too.
    Good luck and kind regards.

  15. welsh lass says:

    Hey white warrior, did you listen to Dave Yorkshire on redice radio? Excellent talk.
    Still loving your blog by the way.
    Have you read this: http://www.zengardner.com/name-allah-islam-dummy-kafir/ and http://www.zengardner.com/blood-libel/ both written by a fair welsh woman’s hand, mine.
    Big up to your brave self!

    • Duncan: says:

      Hey, and back at your brave self Welsh lass, yeah I did catch Dave Yorkshire. Cracking articles by your good self, well researched and articulated, yet simple and to the point at the same time, Good on ya.

  16. AMAZING, you are / write and fight, Duncan!

    Just discovered you, as I’m intrigued by your choice of pi. I’m a mathematician and have just had my WordPress blog “We who Opposed Deception” suspended…

    My most popular site is http://www.victims-unite.net

    More power to your posting and commenting elbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You could become more effective by going to APPEARANCE, WIDGETS and put the FOLLOW widget on your blog!

    Also, why don’t you EDIT this About page? In this Twenty Ten theme you find the EDIT click after “Share this” before the comments.

    I ESPECIALLY love imagining the vapour of your urine spreading among Google HQ…

  17. Pken says:

    Praying for you.

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