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Ian Tomlinson R.I.P Killed 1st April 2009

Ian Tomlinson was killed by police constable Simon Harwood at the G20 protests 4 years ago today, tooled up and masked, Harwood struck Ian Tomlinson from behind on the legs then threw him to the ground causing Ian to land  … Continue reading

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Facebook, A tribute to Our Friends.

As origianally We Are Change Norwich, (there is another Norwich Chapter, who doesn’t want to talk to us, funny that, we are Icenirising on Myspace). We are less active due the Masonic control and our deletion from Rudkowski’s & Fitzgeralds … Continue reading

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Xe/Blackwater Behind OWS ?

Blackwater’s founding president Erik Prince is the man and the money behind Occupy Wall Street and its instigators – Anonymous.  Erik Prince is an ultra-Christian fanatical sect member who sees all Muslims and Wall Street Jews as enemies of the … Continue reading

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Occupy Norwich, Britain, and the Laughing 1%

Although less active in We Are Change these days due to the reasons known to those who are up to speed on Rudkowski’s antics and handlers which we won’t go into here. We felt the need to say hi to … Continue reading

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