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Veritas Vincit Omnia – YouTube

Message for the British army’s 77th keyboard commandos: Truth does not fear investigation, who you fightin for? Veritas Vincit Omnia – YouTube. Advertisements

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Facebook, A tribute to Our Friends.

As origianally We Are Change Norwich, (there is another Norwich Chapter, who doesn’t want to talk to us, funny that, we are Icenirising on Myspace). We are less active due the Masonic control and our deletion from Rudkowski’s & Fitzgeralds … Continue reading

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Shakespear or Breakspear?

“The philosophic ideals promulgated throughout the Shakespearian plays distinctly demonstrate their author to have been thoroughly familiar with certain doctrines and tenets peculiar to Rosicrucianism; in fact the profundity of the Shakespearian productions stamps their creator as one of the … Continue reading

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5/5/5 Olympic Drills. HMS Ocean, An 800 troop strong Amphibious assault  ship, with attack helicopter support is in town for Sum drills, Oh goody. Ocean……9,3,5,1,14…….3.14159, Today is the 5th of May 2012……..5/5/5. 5+5+5=15. The O Letter/Number, and as the circle is also … Continue reading

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Quit the EU

                                       Sedition and Treason…………….in full view THE British public were given fresh hope in the battle to quit the European Union last night. Calls were issued in the House of Lords for an inquiry into the multi-billion-pound cost of … Continue reading

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Maddy, Missing Links

This has some info re-garding Maddy from the Blackwatch, Sargeants inn blog which has been removed, I’ve reposted for that reason, more links at the end, follow the dead and the money. From ‘The Grand Priory of Knights Templar’ of … Continue reading

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CIA the Gestapo of the Vaticans 4th Reich

Most people naively associate the Reich with Nazi Germany.  Only a handful of people know that the Reich is and always has been a realm of Rome called the Holy Roman Empire (HRE; German: Heiliges Römisches Reich (HRR), Latin: Imperium … Continue reading

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Oslo Terror and The EUSSR

EUSSR puppet Van Rompuy met the Holy Roman Emperor King Juan Carlos of Spain on the 12th July 2011, The EU originated with the Knights of Malta funded Hitler and has been heading on a one way route via Operation … Continue reading

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The Saturnalian Cult, Part 1

Saturnaian cult

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The Great Secret, Surveillance and Censorship in Britain and the EU


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