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Just Quickly, For a Giggle.

Someone recently brought this to my attention, it did give me a good laugh and I thought I ought to share it with you. She doesn’t quite get it bless her and her acumen is as hilarious as her grandiose … Continue reading

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Hunting the English.

Hunted 11 Nov 2014 Channel 4 today announced at its Upfront 2015 event for the advertising industry that it has commissioned Hunted (wt), from Shine TV, producers of hit Channel 4 series The Island with Bear Grylls. The new series … Continue reading

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7/7 Bombings Conspiracy Road Trip: REBUKED

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Trolls, bless ’em M IVI.

As a rule, 99% of responses to this blog are positive, encouraging and uplifting. We do get attacks and they are usually predictable , writing about Police or common purpose should do the trick, then one will appear, maybe more … Continue reading

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