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Surviving Cancer, Onwards and Upwards.

I thought it about time for an update; I had my Ileostomy reversed at the end of April this year, just after my last post if I remember right. I had to re learn to use my bowels and was … Continue reading

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All Clear

On Tuesday the 20th of September I had my post chemo scan, 24 sessions of chemo   over 6 months ended on  Monday 12th. On the 21st, the wednesday, I saw the surgeon for the results; the spot on my liver … Continue reading

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C Word Update

I thought I ought to update my blog, it’s been over 6 months since I last wrote anything. Firstly thanQ to all who’ve visited this blog, my youtube and twitter channels, it’s good to know they havn’t faded into insignificance…yet. … Continue reading

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Dr. Called Me The C Word.

Two weeks ago I had a colonoscopy after a change in my bowel movements, I have been told I have cancer of the rectum. The last two weeks have been a dance with the devil to say the least,  the … Continue reading

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Albert Burgess’ Missing Kings: The Laymans Guide.

Just quickly: When others say; ” we shouldn’t attack others” or ” that’s just infighting” or “we’re in this together”…When this country, indeed most if not all of the west has the enemy inside the gates, Are we supposed to … Continue reading

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What Kind of Man?

What kind of man? Says he’s awake, but does nothing? Says he’s awake to the veil of politics…cos he learnt it at school? Says he knew about 911 cos he bought some Alex Jones DVD’s? Hasn’t found the time in … Continue reading

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Greville Janner- 2 Powers of Attorney Health and Welfare, Property and Financial

Originally posted on cathy fox blog on child abuse :
These documents are in the hands of journalists but I have not seen them published. Hence I do so here for the benefit of researchers and the wider public. The documents…

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Treason, 800 Years of Magna Carta.

Originally posted on Iceni Rising:
Today, 15th June 2015, 800 years since the signing of the Great Charter I, me, myself submitted allegations of Treason, Misprision of Treason, Misconduct in a Public Office and Serious Neglect of Duty to every…

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Lord Janner argues dementia no bar to prosecution; original Inquiry docs here

Originally posted on UndercoverInfo:
Lord Janner, whom the CPS wanted to prosecute for child sex abuse but decided not to because he was suffering from dementia, was himself a vigorous advocate (see extract from Jewish Chronicle article above) of prosecutions…

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Alistair McGowen Plays His Idol: Jimmy Savile.

Originally posted on Iceni Rising: His Idol? I hear you scream, in his own words, my response, not literally, but this smug looking fuckwit of a man, dirty little twisted faced, hooked nose weed of a man, has in…

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